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270 Deaths Later, Feds Accelerate Probe of Jeep Fires

A consumer group spelled out the problem in great detail more than two years ago

More than two years after a 69-page petition from the Center for Auto Safety (CAS) spelled out the problem, federal safety regulators are expanding their probe into gas-tank fires involving Jeeps, blamed for at least 270 fatalities.

Saving Money On Currency Transactions When You Travel

Having a credit card with no foreign transaction fees can be a big help

When traveling from one country to another, a credit card often makes it easier to navigate. Whatever the currency, plastic makes it nearly universal. It can also save you money.

Asus PadFone: Rumored To Be On Its Way to the US

It's a smartphone, tablet and laptop, all in one ... sort of

If you think about it, many people don't just have one electronic device nowadays. Between their laptop, mobile device, and smartphone, many people are walking, breathing, gadget conventions.

Gas Prices Down Another Three Cents This Week

Global economic concerns have a silver lining for motorists

The price of gasoline continued to drift lower for another week, with the average price three cents a gallon less than it was a week ago.

Text Promising Gift Cards Is a Scam

Part of a growing number of schemes that target mobile devices

Unsolicited texts are annoying enough. Those that say you're won a gift card from Walmart or Costco are even worse – they're scams.

How to 'Have the Conversation' With An Older Parent

Aging expert advises to talk frankly about nursing home, end-of-life issues

Next to talking to your child about sex, probably the next most dreaded conversation is telling an aging parent you think they should move into a nursing home.

Feds Derail Bogus Health Insurance Scheme

Health Care One LLC agrees to settlement with FTC

It's bad enough having no health insurance, it's even worse to fall for a scheme that takes your money and returns nothing.

Banks Charge Non-Customers to Cash Checks

Closing your bank account doesn't mean you can escape fees

Once upon a time, if you received a check as payment you could take it to the bank on which the check was drawn and receive your money. It was a pretty straightforward transaction. But these days banks are looking for new sources of fee income and one place they've identified is non-customers.

Big Four Records Companies May Become the Big Three

Universal Music Group plotting an industry takeover?

What's interesting about the music business is that on the outside looking in, it appears there are many record labels around the world. Everyday a new a record company pops up, naming itself such and such records, or whatever catchy name its owners can think of.

Justice Department Opens Antitrust Probe of Cable Industry

Are cable companies conspiring to shut out competitors like Netflix, Hulu?

The Justice Department is said to be investigating whether Comcast, Time Warner and other cable companies have conspired to squash competition from the likes of Netflix and Hulu.