Jeff Schlup Turns Hobby Into Cedar Ridge Taxidermy

Cedar Ridge Taxidermy is located at 32959 Highway K, California.

Cedar Ridge Taxidermy is located at 32959 Highway K, California. Photo by John Inman.

Growing up Jeff Schlup, owner of Cedar Ridge Taxidermy, was interested in hunting and fishing. Through these interests he was naturally introduced to taxidermy and became very interested in how it was done as well.

"I just saw what other people did and wanted to see the process," Schlup said, "I wanted to see if I could do it. I tinkered with it in high school and did a lot of my own animals. I messed several up and later went to school for it. I had realized it was more than just a hobby for me. I went to the Missouri Taxidermy Institute and have also gone to several seminars. So it turned into a full-time job in 2003."

Schlup had graduated college and was working for a manufacturing plant as a production manager before starting Cedar Ridge Taxidermy. The business at first was located in the basement of his home before Schlup built a large shop for the business. He said the basement was too small and because of the chemicals. With the shop he is freer to work and create the artistic creations Schlup is known for.


Jeff Schlup, owner of Cedar Ridge Taxidermy.

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