Fabric Flying at CHS

Monique Schepers' FACS and Fashion classes have just started on their sewing projects. Students may choose a gym bag, pajama pants, hoodies, etc. The students have been cutting out the patterns, and the fabric. The amount of work that is needed per project depends on how hard the project is, how time consuming it is. It could take as long as two weeks to finish a pair of pajama pants, or it could take five days. It really depends on the skill of the student. The students each pay for their own projects. When the projects are done the students take them home. This project is helping the students understand time management and its teaching them a new skill. The students help each other as well, therefore teaching them teamwork.

Every year around this time Schepers teaches the students how to thread a sewing machine, how to stitch and back stitch and how to work a sewing machine in general. Considering that this project does take time and requires a lot of work it also teaches students to not get frustrated and give up. Students have said they like the sewing projects because its hands on and its more challenging than regular worksheets. The projects are also teaching students one of the best life skills to have, how to sew.


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