Art Hall Winners from Moniteau County Fair

Winners of the Art Hall at the Moniteau County Fair are as follows:

Mud Pies

Five and under - Preston McMillian, blue; Mari Miller, red.

Grades K, 1, 2 - Kierstyn Lawson, blue; Sonia Grotjan, red.

Grades 3, 4, 5 - Madison McCord, blue; Winnie Gates, red.

Grades 6, 7, 8 - Sarah McCord, blue; Savannah Grotjan, red.

Garden Products

Beets - Eileen Wittenberger, blue.

Cabbage - Eileen Wittenberger, blue; Megan VanLoo, red.

Carrots - Bridget Barlow, blue.

Cucumbers (pickling) - Ann Grotjan, blue; Chris Cram, red.

Egg Plant - Eileen Wittenberger, blue and red.

Garlic - Ann Grotjan, blue.

Gourds - Sarah Bishop, blue and red.

Green Beans - Christina McMillian, red.

Herbs - Mary Haldiman, blue; Kathy Shoemaker, red.

Onions (red) - Ann Grotjan, red.

Onions (white) - Ann Grotjan, red and blue.

Onions (yellow) - Ann Grotjan, red and blue.

Okra - Hayden Hoellering, blue; Jacob Hoellering, red.

Peppers, sweet - Christina McMillian, blue; Emma Jane Batye, red.

Peppers, hot - Misty Bleich, blue and red.

Potatoes, white - Ann Grotjan, blue and red.

Potatoes, red - Mary Haldiman, blue; Ann Grotjan, red.

Pumpkin - Sarah Bishop, blue; Morgan Wingate, red.

Squash, summer - Hayden Hoellering, blue.

Squash, winter - Ann Grotjan, blue; Brad McCord, blue.

Sweet Potatoes - Eileen Wittenberger, blue and red.

Tomatoes, red - Emma Jane Batye, blue; Eileen Wittenberger, red.

Tomatoes, pink - Garrett Burger, blue; Ann Grotjan, red.

Tomatoes, yellow - Garrett Burger, blue; Juanita Tims, red.

Tomatoes, miniature - Jacob Hoellering, blue; Brad McCord, red.

Watermelon - Collin Green, blue; Teddy Bolinger, red.

Zucchini - Misty Bleich, blue; Jacob Hoellering, red.

Display Garden Vegetables - Eileen Wittenberger, blue; Ann Grotjan, red.

Display Ugly Vegetables - Ann Grotjan, blue; Brad McCord, red.

Any Vegetable Not Classifed - Ann Grotjan, blue and red.

Best of Show - Sarah Bishop, pumpkin.

Orchard Products

Apples - Emma Jane Batye, blue and red.

Blackberries - Chris Cram, blue.

Grapes - Christina McMillian, red.

Pears - Andy Cram, blue; Kacie Dohler, red.

Peaches - Chris Cram, blue; Andy Cram, red.

Rhubarb - Mary Haldiman, blue.

Any Orchard Product not classifed - Allee Koestner (raspberries), red.

Field Products

Alfalfa Bundle - Jacob Bleich, blue; Caleb Bleich, red.

Corn, 3 stalks - Paul Cary, blue; Hayden Hoellering, red.

Fescue Seed - Larry Bleich, blue and red.

Grain Sorghum - Brayden Schoenthal, blue; Larry Bleich, red.

Oats - Larry Bleich, blue and red.

Red Clover Seed - Larry Bleich, blue and red.

Soybean Bundle - Jacob Hoellering, blue; Hayden Hoellering, red.

Timothy Seed - Larry Bleich, blue and red.

Wheat - Bradley Schoenthal, blue; Larry Bleich, red.

Any Field Product not classified - Evan Snyder, blue; Larry Bleich, red.

Yeast Breads

Any Yeast Bread not classified - Judy Burger, red.

Dinner Rolls - Eva Mae Switzer, blue.

Quick Breads

Any Quick Bread not classified - Allee Koestner, blue; Eva Mae Switzer, red.

Gingerbread - Judy Burger, blue.

Cornbread - Christina Koestner, red.

Biscuits - Christina Koestner, blue.

Muffins - Eva Mae Switzer, blue; Christina Koestner, red.


Angel Food Cake not iced - Mara Miller, blue.

Angel Food Cake iced - Elle Miller, blue.

Any Cake not classifed - Judy Burger, blue, Sweet Potato Ripple.

Bundt Cake - Eva Mae Switzer, blue; Elle Miller, red.

Sponge or Sunshine Cake not iced - Eva Mae Switzer, blue; Judy Burger, red.

Applesauce Cake - Mary Haldiman, blue.

Spice Cake - Eva Mae Switzer, blue.

Pound Cake - Judy Burger, red.

Coconut Cake - Judy Burger, blue.

Cupcakes iced - Kate Freiner and Clara Knipp, red.


Cookies, Sugar - Christine Koestner, blue; Sarah McCord, red.

Any Cookie not classified - Allee Koestner, blue, M & M; Allee Koestner, red, Snickerdoodles.

Peanut Butter - Allee Koestner, blue; Mary Haldiman, red.

Nut, Fruit, Oatmeal - Allee Koestner, blue; Sarah McCord, red.

Chocolate Chip - Mary Haldiman, blue; Kyle Freiner, red.

Brownies or Bar - Chris Cram, blue; Christine Koestner, red.


Peanut Butter - Mary Haldiman, blue; Judy Burger, red.

Any Candy not classifed - Clara Knipp, blue; Judy Burger, red.

Chocolate Fudge - Judy Burger, blue.

Candy by girl under 16 - Madison McCord, blue.

Display Pantry Store - Judy Burger, blue.

Lot E Specials

Best Cherry Pie - McKenzie Lutz.

Best Apple Pie - Kathy Shoemaker.

Best Pecan Pie - Chris Cram.

Canned Foods

Green Beans - Mary Haldiman, blue and red.

Beets - Christine Koestner, blue.

Tomatoes - Eileen Wittenberger, blue; Christina McMillian, red; Misty Bleich, red.

Tomato Juice - Ann Grotjan, blue.

Sauerkraut - Misty Bleich, blue.

Vegetable Soup Mix - Juanita Tims, blue; Christina McMillian, red.

Any Canned Vegetable not classifed - Sally Vogel, blue; Misty Bleich, red.

Canned Fruit

Applesauce - Jennifer McCord, blue; Christine Koestner, red.

Pears - Mary Haldiman, blue and red.


Apple - Jennifer McCord, blue.

Any Jelly not classified - Juanita Tims, blue; Wanda DeMint, red.

Blackberry - Misty Bleich, blue; Madelyn Dahler, red.

Raspberry - Allee Koestner, blue.

Grape - Jennifer McCord, blue.


Cherry - Darlene Bleich, blue; Jennifer McCord, red.

Any Preserves not classified - Darlene Bleich, blue; Ann Grotjan, red.

Peach - Jennifer McCord, blue; Madelyn Dahler, red.

Strawberry - Marian Dorn, blue; Madelyn Dahler, red.

Blackberry - Jennifer McCord, blue.

Jams and Butters

Blackberry - Mary Haldiman, blue and red.

Any Jam or Butter not classifed - Darlene Bleich, blue; JoAnne Winters, red.

Raspberry - Madelyn Dahler, red.

Strawberry - Marian Dorn, blue; Madelyn Dahler, red.

Peach - Ann Grotjan, blue.

Pear Honey or Butter - Mary Haldiman, blue and red.

Apple Butter - Ann Grotjan, blue.

Pickles and Relishes

Beet Pickles - Eileen Wittenberger, blue and red.

Any Pickle or Relish not classified - Misty Bleich, blue; Alice Dudley, red.

Bread and Butter Pickles - Chris Cram, blue; Rita Hammerly, red.

Sweet Cucumber - Eileen Wittenberger, blue; Madelyn Dahler, red.

Mixed Pickled Veggies - Chris Cram, blue; Kacie Dohler, red.

Dill Pickles - Eileen Wittenberger, blue; Myra Silvey, red.

Sweet Pepper Relish - Madelyn Dahler, blue; Christina McMillian, red.

Tomato Catsup - Madelyn Dahler, blue; Eileen Wittenberger, red.

Chili Sauce - Madelyn Dahler, blue.

Salsa - Chris Cram, blue; Tammy Hoellering, red.

Pickled Okra - Misty Bleich, blue.

2012 Ball/Kerr "Bring Out The Best" Preservation Awards

Fruit - Jennifer McCord, first; Allee Koestner, second.

Vegetables - Mary Haldiman, first; Christine Koestner, second.

Pickles - Chris Cram, first; Misty Bleich, second.

Soft Spread - Darlene Bleich, first and second.

Household Arts

Rug (any material or style) - Carole Schroeder, first and second.

Quiilted Wall Hanging - Annalyn Dietzel, second.

Quilt (hand quilted) - Marian Dorn, first; Margaret Reynolds, second.

Quilt (pieced) - Marian Dorn, first; Clarice Nelson, second.

Quilt (appliqued) - Cristina McMillian, first.

Quilt (embroidered) - Clarice Nelson, first; Christina McMillian, second.

Quilt (baby, any style) - Annunciation Quilters, first; Eileen Wittenberger, second.

Quilt (machine quilted) - Bridget Barlow, second.

Pillowcases (embroidered) - Bridget Barlow, first; Juanita Tims, second.

Pillowcases (crocheted edge) - Eileen Wittenberger, first; Juanita Tims, second.

Afghan (knitted) - Bridget Barlow, first.

Any Knitted Article - Allee Koestner, first and second, dish towels.

Afghan (crocheted) - Pat Kiesling, first; Joanne Winters, second.

Baby Afghan - Mary Lou Scheidt, first; Joyce Crook, second.

Doilies (knitted or crocheted) - Bridget Barlow, first; Darlene Bleich, second.

Pot Holder, any style - Darlene Bleich, first and second.

Tablecloth (embroidered) - Christina McMillian, first.

Any Crocheted Article - Joanne Winters, first; Joyce Crook, second.

Dolls - Joyce Crook, first and second.

Holiday Decorations - Annalyn Ditzel, first; Marian Dorn, second.

Soft Pillow - Sarah McCord, second.

Tea Towel - Eileen Wittenberger, first and second.

Counted Cross-Stitch - Darlene Bleich, first.

Any Household Article - Bridget Barlow, first and second.

Any Homemade Clothing (18 and over) - Joanne Winters, first; Donna Ferguson, second.

New Categories

Flip Flops (18 and over) - Christine Koestner, blue.

Flip Flops (17 and under) - Madison McCord, blue; Savannah Grotjan, red.

Scrapbooking (2 page) - Janet Meyer, blue and red; Best of Show - Sally Vogel.

Scrapbooking (1 page) - Janet Meyer, blue and Best of Show.

Decorated Sweatshire or t-shirt - Juanita Tims, blue; Emily Strein, red.

Homemade Christmas Ornament - Darlene Bleich, blue; Ann Grotjan, red.

Things Made From Recycled Items - Carole Schroeder, blue; Annalynn Dietzel, red.

17 Years and Under

Oil and Acrylic Painting - Alex Imhoff, blue; Emma Rohrbach, red.

Watercolor - Savannah Grotjan, blue; Sonya Grotjan, red.

Drawing - Amber Barnes, blue; Taylor Barnes, red.

Photograph (black and white) - Emily Thibon, blue.

Photograph (color) - A - Animal - Brooke Harms, blue; B - People - Jordan Zurmiller, blue and red; C Scenic - Brooke Harms, blue.

18 Years and Over

Oil Painting - Dorothy Schroer, blue; Sally Vogel, red.

Drawing - Dorothy Schroer, blue.

Photograph (black and white) - C - Scenic - Glen Shoemaker, blue; Jeannie Lahman, red.

Photograph (color) - A - Animal - Christine Koestner, blue; Annalyn Dietzel, red; B - People - Dorothy Hughes, blue; Christine Koestner, red; C - Scenic - Sally Vogel, blue; Glen Shoemaker, red; D - Abstract Christine Koestner, blue and red.

Ceramics (17 and under) - Madison McCord, blue; Savannah Grotjan, red.

Item Made of Wood (17 and under) - Nathan Johnson, blue and red.

Holiday Decoration (17 and under) - Kyle Freiner, blue; Kate Freiner, red.

Best Miscellaneous Craft Item (17 and under) - Lindsey Morris, blue; Monica Whitson, red.

Ceramics (18 and over) - Ann Grotjan, blue; Sally Vogel, red.

Item Made of Wood (18 and over) - Richard Schroeder, blue; Brad McCord, red.

Holiday Decoration (18 and over) - Judith Boyle, blue.

Best Misceallenous Craft Item (18 and over) - Richard Schroeder, blue.

Twin City Garden Club

Back In The Good Old Days

Class I - Outdoor Container "Red Rider" - Jenice Taggart, first; Ann Grotjan, second.

Class II - Indoor Container "Petticoats and Long Stockings" - Ann Grotjan, first; Sally Vogel, second.

Miniature Designs

Class I - "The Ole Swimmin' Hole" - Ann Grotjan, first; JoAnn Collier, second; Dorothy Hughes, third.

Class II - "The Butter Churn" (fresh and or dried plant material) - Dorothy Hughes, first and second.

Class III - "The Windmill" (only dried plant material) - Dorothy Hughes, first; JoAnn Collier, second; Savannah Grotjan, third.

Birdhouse Contest

Class I - Best Construction - Outside - Kyle Freiner, blue; Sonia Grotjan, red.

Class II - Best Decorated - Inside - Ann Grotjan, blue.

Plant Identification sponsored by Longfellow's Garden Center - Patty Baquet, Russellville.


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