Retirement plan, Barnett base on Mid-Mo board agenda

Administrator Lee Kempf updated the Mid-Mo Ambulance District board of directors, at the regular monthly meeting held Thursday, June 12, on the issue of the 457 retirement plan. The matter was discussed, then tabled at both the April and May meetings. Once again, the retirement plan was discussed, but since the information concerning the possible option of making the district’s contribution to the employee retirement plan via a 401(a) plan had been received too late to prepare a presentation for the June meeting. The matter was tabled.

In regard to the Barnett base electric bill issue, discussed at the May meeting, Kempf said the house and garage electric service has been separated to two different meters, and the source of the high electric usage should be evident when the next bill is received. A bid of $3,441.40 was also obtained from a company for the cost to insulate the garage. The issue was tabled until the next meeting at the request of Board President Earl Reuter. He plans to survey the garage to determine whether it would be best to put a ceiling in the garage, or just insulate it as is.

A payment to ARV (American Response Vehicle) questioned by the board was explained by Kempf to be for the purchase of two stair-chairs. The district now has five of the chairs, which one responder said are very helpful in moving patients up or down steps.

Kempf received authorization from the board to bid on a Sprinter van ambulance. The purchase of one of the vehicles had already been discussed. A new one is about $84,000. The auction is being held in Ohio and there are more than 300 of the vans available. A van would be helpful for routine transports from care facilities and other instances when the transport does not involve anticipated patient medical care. Such a van would avoid taking a regular ambulance out of service for routine transports. Although Kempf could participate in the bidding process of the auction by telephone or computer, the board did not want to purchase a vehicle sight unseen. Therefore, he was authorized to attend the auction and check out the vehicles before bidding. He was authorized to bid up to $40,000 on a 2012 vehicle with 43,000 miles on it, up to $35,000 on the other 2012 vans with 60,000 to 75,000 miles and up to $25,000 for a 2009 van. He is authorized to bid an additional $2,500 on a van at his discretion.

The board approved payment for bills and payroll. In other business, the May treasurer’s report of the balance on hand was $571,539.90. Run statistics were: Tipton - 39 calls with 26 transports; California 73 calls, 50 transports; Versailles - 148 calls, 95 transports; and Barnett - 44 calls, 31 transports. District wide, there were 304 calls with 202 transports for a transport rate on patient contact calls of 74.8 percent.

The board amended the April treasurer’s report regarding the ending balance of funds on hand. A direct deposit to the bank had been omitted from the report. The amended amount is $581,099.67.

The board went into closed session to discuss a personnel issue. The decision made was to move the individual from the position of Level IV Paramedic to Level III and not be eligible to move back up until December 2015. The next regular meeting is set for July 9.


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