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Marian Gish

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A few weeks ago someone suggested I should read James Patterson's new book "First Love" which was co-written by Emily Raymond. Since that happens a lot, and occasionally I do find a new author I actually like, I went online to put a hold on an ebook edition. I was something like number 549 on the list of people waiting so I continued working my way through the Karin Slaughter series. And then last Wednesday when I was in the Moniteau County Library I found "First Love" on the new book shelf and promptly checked it out, took it home and began to read, having tired of murder and meyhem.

My first thought, upon finishing only the first 29 pages, was obvious. Why would someone think I would enjoy reading a book about two 16 year olds on a road trip from coast to coast on a stolen Harley? Because I am so far from being 16, I have to think awhile to even remember when I was 16. And like the author, I'm sure that period never involved stealing a car.

But I was intrigued with the characters, could almost see good-girl Axi, announcing to bad-boy Robinson that they were leaving the small town of Klamath Falls, Oregon to see places and do things that had only been imagined in dreams. So I continued to read.

Their story is told by Axi so we never get to hear what Robinson is thinking. And I had to wonder if Emily Raymond might be just out of her teens because Axi's character seems real to this mature reader. Sixteen year olds are so much more resourceful now than in my generation at that age. Axi saved her babysitting money to finance their cross country trip. She marked out the route they would take, she called ahead to set up things they would do and see. So I'm reading along, happily enjoying the trip, when suddenly the reason for the whole adventure comes to light. The circumstances under which Axi and Robinson met are so essential to the story I won't reveal them. I will suggest you simply read along, oblivious to the outcome, until the end when you will need a box of tissues. Then today I received an email from the library telling me my ebook was ready to check out. And I decided to read it again. It's only 260 pages with short chapters so it reads fast. If there's ever a movie, I'll see that as well.

Thank you to whoever suggested the book to me. Feel free to make another suggestion any time.


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