County Government Day attended by about 125 students

Moniteau County Treasurer Sarah Jones talks about the treasurer's work for county government.

Moniteau County Treasurer Sarah Jones talks about the treasurer's work for county government. Photo by David Wilson.

About 125 students from three Moniteau County schools visited the courthouse in California and heard from county officials Wednesday, Feb. 26.

Jeanne Edwards, retired teacher, welcomed the high school students,assembled for American Legion County Government Day at First Baptist Church. The students were from which were from California, Tipton and Jamestown high schools.

Edwards explained some background on the national anthem. Although "My Country Tis of Thee" was used for a national anthem for many years, the country really did not have one until 1931. At that time, a poem written by Francis Scott Key during the War of 1812 , "In Defense of Fort McHenry," which was later set to music as "The Star Spangled Banner," was made the national anthem.

The United States Flag was presented by Tom Edwards, member of American Legion Post 304, Tipton, as those present recited it as the poem it had originally been. Boy Scouts Allan Burger and Gavin Pickering demonstrated the proper way to fold the flag, bringing it to the triangle displaying the stars of a properly folded flag.

Before lunch was served at 11 a.m., several county officials spoke to the students about the responsibilities of their offices. In answer to a question, Presiding Commissioner Kenny Kunze said most residents are very nice about everything, but roads and brush were a major concern for people. The county has about 500 miles of gravel roads to maintain and clear of snow and ice in winter.

County Clerk Anita Groepper informed the students of what is necessary for her office to function, and commented, "There are many opportunities out there for service to the community."

Richard Schroeder presented the history of the courthouse, finished in 1868. After lunch, the students went to the county courthouse and toured many of the offices.

During the courthouse tour, Samantha Williamson, Abby Haslag and Austin Kelly Jr., commented on there being a lot to learn about county government.

For many of the students, County Government Day ended with a visit to California City Hall and a presentation by California Mayor Norris Gerhart.


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