‘Clue: A Killer Reunion’ presented by Jamestown Drama Club Friday night

During the mystery dinner theater Friday, drama queen Angelina (Angela McNay), left, and classmate beauty queen Elaine Bluster (Alison Hawley) speak to the diners at the event about whether Elaine should divorce Heath.

During the mystery dinner theater Friday, drama queen Angelina (Angela McNay), left, and classmate beauty queen Elaine Bluster (Alison Hawley) speak to the diners at the event about whether Elaine should divorce Heath. Photo by David Wilson.

The second mystery dinner theater fundraiser for the Moniteau County Library at Wood Place was Friday, May 2. The event held at the United Church of Christ friendship hall featured the Jamestown Drama Club presenting “Clue: A Killer Reunion.” The mystery began as the Class of 1983 became reacquainted and caught up on what had happened in the last 30 years. According to the students, Jamestown Superintendent Ellen Ash was the moving force behind the story. The Drama Club was short a few people and recruited Julia Bremser for the music and sound, Dylan Ash for the lights and Andrew Couch as an actor.

In catching up, Bertha (Jasmine Couch) was recognized by few, possibly because, as she explained she had lost 300 pounds, and won on “The Biggest Loser.” The target of all the fat girl jokes was back for revenge for what she had to endure. Beauty queen Elaine Bluster (Alison Hawley) is married to the wealthy restaurant-chain owner Heath (Clayton Russell), who at best, is obnoxious, nasty and mean to his wife. Her high school admirer, Chris (Andrew Couch) is now an aviator, and wonders about rekindling the relationship with Elaine if she were single. Cliff (Wesley Joseph), a horror writer, is looking for a good story since his last two books flopped. Everyone remembers Angelina (Angela McNay) the drama queen and Class President Mary (Abigail Couch) who ran things in 1983. She continues to do so 30 years later in the corporate world and at this reunion where every moment is organized. On the opposite end, is The Nobody (Amber Jones). No one remembers her being in the class.

One of the alumni, Rip Vango, who had recently died, was a center of conversation. The evidence of his death was that the reunion invitation was returned with “DEAD” stamped across it and the death certificate included. There was also a letter asking for money to help Vango out of a spot. An earlier anonymous letter had informed some of a special gift left for them by Vango that would be given out at the reunion. The gifts are strange, to say the least, consisting of such things as a hand saw, cheese grater, pizza cutter, dumbbell, ball bat and, to Professor Clark (Joshua Nott), forensic scientist, who blew up the science lab in high school, a flask of ammonia and a flask of chlorine. After it was pointed out that all of the items could be considered weapons, everyone returned the items to the big box.

In short, when Heath dies, there is a long list of possible suspects, but not Molly (Cara Scheperle), a lifelong cheerleader, or Barbara (Shirley Thompson), an unmarried librarian from Fargo, N.D., or Addison (Valerianna Gentsch), a ballerina. More questionable as suspects are Rosie (Emily Strein) who can be deadly if her wants aren’t met, and her date for the evening, Sylvester (Kora Plaster). He is a wealthy nerd and irritatingly tells everyone he is smarter than they.

Dani (Maggie McNay) a cop and owner of Dani’s Biker Bar takes over the investigation of Heath’s death. She send all of the weapons to the science lab to be checked for evidence by Professor Clark. When the science lab blows up, killing Clark, the investigation goes forward.

During this whole time, the pot roast, chicken breast, sinister salad, killer potato casserole and mean green beans are being served between acts, the cast goes about to the various tables, visiting and asking opinions about whether Elaine should divorce Heath. Before his murder, that is. After the murder, the cast drops hints and clues as to “whodunit” during conversations with the audience. Before the killer is revealed, the audience is served death by chocolate brownies and the votes for the killer and the method and the reason are collected. Finally a key piece of evidence comes to light - Vango was married to Barbara the librarian. Barbara confesses and is apprehended by Officer Dani.


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