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California Police Department expands services for safety and security

The California Police Department is constantly seeking ways to provide increased safety and security for the residents of the community. This has resulted in additional programs, increased training and additions to the full-time police force.

Sheriff’s Department responsible for enforcement in 515 square miles

The Moniteau County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for patrol and law enforcement in about 515 square miles. The responsibility includes the entire county, except for the City of California and the City of Tipton, each of which has its own police force. The department implements needed upgrades when possible.

Accidental 911 calls may interfere with real emergency response

There are several causes of accidental 911 calls. There is of course the well known “pocket dialing” but there is also accidental dialing by children.

Upgrades help 911 dispatchers do their jobs

Continual upgrades to increase efficiency of the 911 Emergency Dispatch Center, with the latest technology and additional training, enable the dispatchers to assist callers with faster and more accurate responses.

Veterans Day to be observed in the area

Veterans Day, Nov. 11, falls on Tuesday this year. Area schools are planning events in honor of the day. Government offices, the post office, the banks and some other businesses will be closed for the occasion.

California City Council approves drilling more productive well

The California City Council approved spending the additional funds to drill a larger well, one which should be capable of producing 1,000 gallons of water a minute.

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Musical comedy “Crazy for You” is at high school this weekend

The fun musical comedy “Crazy for You,” featuring the music of George Gershwin, will be performed by the Sounds of Joy plus four. There are two performances California High School auditorium - Saturday, Nov. 8, at 7 p.m., and Sunday, Nov. 9, at 2 p.m. The doors open a half hour before the show begins. Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for K-12 students. The musical is directed by Michele Bilyeu.

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California Elementary students raise over $6,000 for American Heart Association

“Jump Rope for the Heart teaches students to take care of their hearts while they experiences the joy of giving back to their community,” according to physical education teacher Jill Hampton.

‘Black Friday’ declared state holiday

State employees traditionally have had the day after Thanksgiving off — but not always, especially not in recent years.

The Moniteau County Democrat Club held its monthly meeting

The Moniteau County Democrat Club held its monthly meeting at the Nic Nac Café on Thursday, Oct. 23.

Exercise classes offered for those suffering with arthritis

Exercise classes offered for those suffering with arthritis

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Burger joins Commerce Bank Board of Directors

Teresa Maledy, president and CEO Commerce Bank, Central Missouri Region, announced that California community and business leader, Philip Burger, has joined the bank’s local Advisory board of directors. Burger is vice president of Burgers Smokehouse.

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Nelsen joins Democrat staff

Like the radio shows and magazine sagas of the mid-20th century, Chris Nelsen intends to provide well-written, intriguing stories for California Democrat readers who will want to pick up the next installment each week.

Change your smoke detector batteries

Changing the batteries in smoke detectors is something often forgotten. And good batteries in a smoke detector are one thing that may be very important. While a smoke detector may very well work quietly for many years without being needed, it is important to make certain it has good batteries. Because, when a smoke detector is needed, it had better be in working order.

Mid-Term General Election is Tuesday, November 4 - don't forget to vote

Next Tuesday, Nov. 4, is the date of the Mid-Term General Election. When voting, remember to fill in the arrow for the appropriate candidate or issue. If the arrow is not filled in, the vote will not count.