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Tipton junior officers explain opportunitieschapter provides

Tipton junior officers explain opportunitieschapter provides

February 21st, 2018 in Local News

Abby Backes

My name is Abby Backes, and I am the daughter of Greg and Mary Jo Backes. I am currently a sophomore at Tipton High School, enrolled in Ag Science 2, and the chapter's junior reporter. My SAE project involves mowing yards in the summer and babysitting. Just in these two short years, FFA has given me experiences and memories that will never leave me. It not only opened me up to many opportunities, but has expanded my knowledge of agriculture in many areas. We have learned how to be effective leaders, role players, how to maintain our record books, and many other things, each one helping me improve in some way. Within my ag class, some of the things we have learned include how to use a MIG welder, the proper way to construct a resume, and the difference in the bugs we see every day. As a junior officer, I get to experience new places and learn new things with other officers that are just as excited about FFA as I am. FFA has opened me up so many windows for me and I highly recommend all underclassmen to enroll in an ag class and join FFA.

Braden Petree

My name is Braden Petree, I am the son of Robert and Holli Petree. I am enrolled in Agricultural Science 1. Freshman year is "the year of opportunities." Through all of my experiences and opportunities this year, many of them have been in the FFA. Some of these include the summer pool party right after school started. The pool party was a great place to meet people in the FFA. Being from a different school, I felt very welcome. We also had junior officer interviews, where I interviewed and received the junior officer sentinel position. As the year went along we had the opportunity as freshmen to attend the FFA National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. So far from many Greenhand Conferences I've made many friends and had many experiences and learned new things to help me through my FFA career as well as throughout my life.

Cade Petree

My name is Cade Petree, and I am the son of Gene Petree and Tisha Kuhlman. I am enrolled in Mr. Morris' Ag II class. I also have the privilege of being one of the junior officers this year. Being in FFA is one of the best parts of being in school. My favorite FFA activity was going to FFA camp. Even though it was long and hot, it was a good week of meeting new people and learning more about how to be a better leader and member of my chapter. Being in ag class has taught me many skills. Some of these skills include learning how to interview for a job and weld. Learning how to weld was one of the better things that we do in our ag class. Mr. Melton and Mr. Morris are doing a great job at teaching the students of Tipton on how to succeed in what they do in the future. I would encourage other students to try something new and do the things that FFA and agriculture classes offer, because no matter what you are into you can find something that interest you in FFA.

Drew Jurgensmeyer

My name is Drew Jurgensmeyer, from the Tipton FFA chapter. I'm currently enrolled in Ag Science 2. I'm a junior vice president. My SAE is working at Jurgensmeyer farms. I also do lawn care. The most important part of our SAEs is keeping your record books neat, truthful and organized. What I like about FFA is the great help you get from your fellow members and our amazing advisors. We also have amazing trips like the FFA National Convention. The national convention starts off with an amazingly crazy hypnotist show, then you get to all go to inspirational speeches throughout the day. Then they have the best career show that has the newest and best equipment. They even have tractor simulators that track your efficiency in driving the tractor. Then you get to go to Conner Prairie, which is like a living history farm. Then you get to go see all the amazing cars at the Indianapolis speedway.

Ella Claas

My name is Ella Claas. I am the daughter of Michael and Beth Claas. I am a sophomore enrolled in Ag Science 2. I currently serve as the Tipton FFA junior president. FFA has brought me some amazing opportunities that I could not get from another organization. Two things I was able to do as a freshman with FFA were attending HYMAX and FFA Camp. Both of the events were held at Camp Rising Sun during the summer of 2017. One thing about Camp Rising Sun that is intimidating to people is that there is no air conditioning at all, but after going twice and willingly going a third time this summer, I will tell you that it having no air conditioning doesn't stop you from having one heck of a time. During your time at Camp Rising Sun you get the opportunity to strengthen your leadership skills, meet new people from other Missouri FFA chapters, play all kinds of fun games and even spend time down at the waterfront. You will get to chat with and get to know your state officers. Attending these two programs furthered my love for the FFA and everything that it has to offer. I encourage every incoming freshman or not-so-active member to fully experience what FFA does. Step out of your comfort zones, apply to HYMAX, or go to FFA Camp. Enjoy FFA while you can still be completely active in it.

Gunner Irey

My name is Gunner Irey, son of Carrie and Garry Irey. I am enrolled in Ag Science 1. I am a junior parliamentarian. My SAE plans will be working at Ragsdale Farms and 5&50. My article will touch base on why people need to be enrolled in an ag class and why it's important. I will also list all the fun activities you can do throughout FFA and ag.

Ag is a big part of our world. Most of the working industry is agricultural-like. It is smart to be attended with an ag because you have more experience in the workforce. It is great to know the knowledge of where most your products come from and food.

It is a fun time to be a part of a group, especially FFA. The activities are fun and the memories are endless. My first year of FFA, I went on a big trip to National Convention with all my friends and got to meet cool new friends as well. The advisors plan great meetings and inform us what we need to do and participate.

As you can see, in being in ag and being a part of FFA, you can learn a lot of great facts every day meet new faces with all the activities. Being a part of the agriculture business/industry is a great thing to be a part of. Plus, being a part of a group makes your high school life more interesting and enjoyable.

Gwyn Wood

My name is Gwyn Wood. I am the daughter of Tim and Ashli Wood. I am a sophomore currently enrolled in Ag Science 2 and serving as the junior second vice president for FFA. My very favorite thing about ag and FFA is the contest teams. Don't get me wrong, I like other organizations contest teams too, but FFA contests are so much different. I love them. Last year, I was on the FFA Knowledge team. I had to study all the time, but it was worth it when we found out we made it to state. It was my freshman year and I certainly didn't think I would make it to state, but it gave me hope for making it in other organizations too. Also, it was just fun. I have so many good memories from last year, and I'm hoping I get even more this year. For this year, I am trying to be on the entomology team, which is bug identification. Contests are going to be starting up soon, and I am so excited. I really hope I make it on the team, and I also encourage any middle schooler who is thinking about what classes to take next year to consider Ag Science 1 and maybe even try for a contest team.

Ian Romig

My name is Ian Romig. I am the son of Christy Proctor and Josh Romig. The ag class I am currently taking is Agricultural Science 1. I am the 2017-18 junior treasurer of the Tipton FFA Chapter. My SAE is currently working at Proctors Building Materials. Over the summer I work for my grandparents and mow lawns. My favorite part of the FFA is the experience meeting new people and having the opportunity to participate in an organization that is making leaders and the opportunity to become a leader myself. I have enrolled for FFA State Choir; this takes place at the Missouri State FFA Convention. In FFA you can participate in competition teams at State Convention. I hope to soon be competing in team events. FFA is a great organization, and I hope to do this all the way throughout high school!

Kaysie Lavery

My name is Kaysie Lavery, and I am the granddaughter of Cinda and Eddie Lavery. This year I am currently enrolled in Agriculture Science 2. I am the junior historian of the FFA Chapter. I raise and breed beef cattle for my SAE project. In the very beginning of the school year, Mr. Morris started off by teaching my classmates and I with a very important topic, how to get a job. From there we created resumes so that we would one day be able to successfully apply for a job. Then we learned about entomology, where we even brought in examples of bugs! Next was my favorite, parliamentary procedure. Our class would demonstrate how to properly conduct a meeting. Then we did my least favorite, record books. Record books are very important as you track your SAE finances, but it is very boring. Right now we are welding, which can be fun if you are safe, which you learn all about shop safety. Ag teaches students about many different variety of things. So I recommend it to all upcoming high school students.

Kiley Bailey

My name is Kiley Bailey. I am the daughter of Derek and Trisha Bailey. I'm enrolled in Ag Science 1 and hold the junior secretary officer position. Working for Derek Bailey at Subway and Tipton-One Stop and working in my garden is my SAE project this year. With me being a first-year ag student, I've enjoyed learning new things, meeting new people and going to all the activities. FFA has many activities to offer, all of which I have taken the opportunity to attend. I have been to the Greenhand Conferences, which are basically meetings that we discuss any issues that have come up or important events. It may sound totally boring and long, but time flies by because you are having fun with new friends of people you know from other schools. That's one of the many things that makes FFA so interesting and fun, is the new people you meet and thing you learn. Not only are the Greenhand Conferences so much fun but so is the National Convention. It was an amazing experience, and I recommend all freshmen try to go. FFA has taught me so much this year, and I highly recommend that freshman should try it out. You will love it and the experiences!

Mandy Stover

My name is Amanda Stover, and I am the daughter of Ken and Amy Stover. I am enrolled in Ag 1. I am currently holding the office of junior chaplain. My SAE project is to own and operate my own lotion and lip balm company. Just from my first year of FFA I have learned that it is the best way to make connections to people and our ecosystem.

Being involved in FFA provides the opportunity of attending conventions, conferences and camps where I can make new friends that will last a lifetime. It is easy to bond with these people, for they share the same love of agriculture as me.

Next, FFA helps members connect to the ecosystem. It introduces knowledge of nature and animals that I cannot learn anywhere else. FFA provides a firm foundation of knowledge of nature that is important in life.

Ross Potter

My name is Ross Potter, son of Robert and Rita Potter. I am currently the junior advisor of the Tipton FFA chapter. I am currently enrolled in Ag Science 2. My favorite part about FFA is being a junior officer. I enjoyed the officer retreat that we went on to an escape room in Columbia. Here we learned to work as a team, get to know the officer team, and become a better leader. I look forward to conducting a meeting and many other advantages of being a part of the junior officer team. I also look forward to the many trips that we take as a part of the FFA. I plan to be part of the nursery landscape team and travel to many contests. The thing that I look forward the most is the Top 30 trip at the end of the year. I hope to be in the top 30 FFA members to be able to participate in the trip.