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Board of Aldermen approves increased charges for city services

Board of Aldermen approves increased charges for city services

July 11th, 2018 by David Wilson in Local News

California City Hall

The California Board of Aldermen approved to increase revenue from the electric and water departments at its July 2 meeting in the Council Chambers.

The Board of Aldermen had agreed on the changes at the June meeting, but decided to delay a vote until the residents were made aware of the coming changes. Many changes go into effect Oct. 1. The changes were based on what other communities have done.

Some of those changes are to increase the minimum base of $8.35 for first 1,000 gallons of water to $11.35, increase the tapping fee for new water taps to the actual cost to the city of $250, increase the re-connect fee, increase the bad check fee, and add a $1 fee on over-the-phone payments.

Several other changes go into effect Jan. 1, 2019. Concerning residential services materials, a homeowner/developer will be required to cover the cost of materials for utilities. For new subdivisions, the developer will cover the cost of all materials for utilities. There will be a $0.07 per KVA for monthly rental fee for commercial/business service transformers.

Plans are currently to later re-evaluate the efforts taken, and the affect of those changes on the revenues.

The eight applicants for the position of police chief of the City of California were made aware of the salary of $47,000 a year and the requirement of residing in the city limits of California.

New business

Resident Bruce Battye, spoke about the responsibility of the city for water damage to his property and his lawsuit against the city for $150,000. This matter was not taken up for discussion by the aldermen. According to city clerk Amy Hill the matter was referred to the city attorney for further review.

The request of David Wyatt, firefighter and Sonic manager, to use the city hall parking area for a 9-11 event, was granted. The event is planned to begin at 6 p.m. Sept. 11.

Other business

Wastewater Supervisor Patrick Murphy said the new ATV has arrived and is working well.

Fire Chief Allen Smith mentioned the hydraulic system quit on the 1991 ladder truck, following its use during the Eagles Club fire. The system has been repaired for the present time. He commented that the age of the truck may mean this is an indication the truck needs to be replaced.

Parks Supervisor Robert Pace proposed a bid for a new mower to replace a 2001 mower which is not repairable. The bid of $12,886.72 from a state contract was approved. Most of the money is available in the current budget.

Following a lengthy discussion, the aldermen approved hiring a full-time employee for the Parks Department. This employee will replace one which recently left for other employment.

The next regular meeting is set for Aug. 6.

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