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California City Council discusses school resource officer

California City Council discusses school resource officer

June 6th, 2018 by David Wilson in Local News

California City Hall

The possibility of a school resource officer was discussed by city of California Board of Aldermen at its regular monthly meeting June 4 in the Council Chambers.

A committee to look into the best way to take care of this item plans to meet before the next meeting of the city board. The city will be represented on the committee by Mayor Norris Gerhart, Alderman Lanny Ash, Alderwoman Resa Dudley and Interim Police Chief Dale Embry. The California School is expected to be represented by Superintendent Dwight Sanders and two members of the school board. The time and place of the committee meeting remains to be set.

Mayor Gerhart said the role of the city in the matter of a school resource officer is to ask questions to determine what is needed by the school.

"The school needs to address what the school needs are, and come up with a plan," Gerhart said.

The city role is to assist the school in implementing the plan. It has not been determined at this time if the resource officer will be only at the school, on basically a part-time basis, or a full-time officer spending half-time at the school.

Other new business included review of general liability insurance, approval of water and electric materials job bids for the Robertson development and the North Street sewer project.

Mike Keith, of the Mike Keith Insurance, Inc., said the recommendation is EMC Insurance, of Des Moines, Iowa. His agency reviewed the coverage of five different insurance agencies, before determining EMC had the best coverage for the best rate. The rate is $110,461 per year. One of the important parts is that general liability has a deductible of $500, while the others have a deductible of $5,000.

The Robertson Addition development water main material bid was for $20,681.71. The electric materials bids totaled about $24,000.

The North Street sewer project was awarded to Lehman Construction for $295,351, with a 90-working-day completion date.

There were two items of old business addressed.

After review, the board approved authorizing the mayor to sign Pay Application No. 2 for Donald Maggi Inc. in the amount of $148,537.80. This is for the project of extending utilities to the old Ciolli farm, which is now the Robertson Addition, Cedar Ridge Estates, under development.

The aldermen were presented with comparison information on charges for city utility services of similar-sized cities in the general area. There are several changes under consideration, including increasing the base rate for monthly water usage from $8.35 to $11.35.

During the department reports, Water and Wastewater Supervisor Patrick Murphy presented information on ATV costs. The board approved $11,948.42 for purchase of an ATV from a state contract. Obtaining one of the ATVs should help in doing some of the work necessary. One of the issues has been the extra strain put on a pickup driving it over the fields and ditches.