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Coaching and parenting not that different

Coaching and parenting not that different

June 13th, 2018 by Kevin Labotka in Local News
<p>Submitted photo</p><p>Brandon Less with his wife Kari and their children Noah, Kolby and Ava.</p>

Coaching and being a dad have quite a few similarities for Brandon Less.

The father of three children — Noah, Kolby and Ava — Less noticed a lot of similarities between being a dad and a coach.

"I would say you try to teach and train your kid," Less said "I grew up loving sports and being able to coach my two boys in basketball, baseball, football and soccer is an enjoyment. But there is also discipline in sports; it is not always about winning."

He said that is the most important thing, the love of the game and that sports can help kids learn life lessons

"Of course, nobody likes to lose, but it is more important to have fun," Less said. "You've got to teach them life is a journey.

"I love being a dad and I wouldn't change that for the world. God has blessed me with two beautiful boys and a baby girl, so I am excited to be a part of their lives in that aspect, of being able to coach them but being a dad at the same time."

Less said there can be times when it is difficult to coach his own children, but he has a lot of fun and enjoys being a coach.

"I think I am harder on my own kids than I am on somebody else's kids; but it is fun, it is a blast to be able to have your kids say 'hey, my dad is my coach,'" Less said.