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School bus inspection results released

School bus inspection results released

June 13th, 2018 by David Wilson in Local News

This June 2013 photo shows a parked Tipton school bus.

The Missouri Highway Patrol has released the school bus inspection reports for 2018. The results of the inspections, given in percentages, for the local schools is mixed. The reports for four schools was good, three schools had fair reports and the report for one school indicated work needed.

Although the approval rate is given in percentages, a brief glance at the results indicate in percentages can be misleading.

The percentages of approval for each district is based on the total number of buses the district has, less the number which failed to pass. For example, California and Tipton each had one bus fail to pass, but because of the different number of buses in the district, the percentage approval rate is not the same.

There was a 100 percent approval rate for Clarksburg C-2 School — four buses, and Jamestown C-1 — five buses.

Moniteau County R-I, California, rated 92.9 percent approval, with 13 out of 14 buses passing the state inspection.

Tipton R-6 rated a 88.9 percent approval, with eight out of nine passing the inspection.

California and Tipton each had one bus failing.

Moniteau County R-5, Latham and High Point R-3 each had three buses inspected, with two passing. Because of the small number of buses, one out of three failing to pass resulted in a 66.7 percent approval.

Cole County R-1, Russellville, with nine buses inspected, had five pass for an approval rate of 55.6 percent.

Prairie Home R-5 had five buses, three of which failed to pass the inspection, resulting in an approval rate of 40 percent.