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While acknowledging Father's Day, adults reflect on the lessons they've learned from their male parent growing up.

Family values

On a farm originally owned by Theoedore and Lydia Albertson in 1893, Elwood Cook raised two generations on family values. When Cook died, Gene and David kept the farms located on opposite sides of Lookout Trail in the family.

Pat Nichols remembers growing up on that farm with her four siblings, often surrounded by relatives. Their father taught them the importance of family, which is why they remain close today.

"It was just so amazing to grow up in a family where we had a lot of contact with our uncles and aunts," Nichols said. "They were very much a part of our lives. Dad taught us that family is important."

Cook believed in perserverance and doing things well.

"My dad said if you don't go through a little trouble, you haven't done anything," Nichols said.

"Doing things for people, even if it does put you out a little bit, is so worth it. It just makes you happy to see other people enjoying and getting something from a talent that God's given you."

Hard work

Gary Davis has watched his dad, Bill, work hard his whole life.

"He's just a work horse," said Davis. "I don't think he ever really takes sick days. He gets up at 4 o'clock in the morning and goes to work every day."

It established a work ethic in Gary, he said. The Bartlett & West project engineer works in Jefferson City. When they aren't working, they hit the road together, hunting in Missouri and Mississippi.

"My dad's favorite thing to do is rabbit hunt," Gary said.

As a father of two, Gary said he was taught how important it is to come home to family.

Business management

Cal's Thriftway is owned by Calvin Gerlach, who purchased the grocery store in 1972.

In his teenage years, Troy Schmidt remembers grinding meat and bagging chickens. Now the manager, he said he learned everything about running the business from stepfather Gerlach.

Although the day-to-day work is up to Schmidt, he said Gerlach is easy to work with and talk to about changes or issues with the business.

"A lot of times that's not the case, but in our case, he always was very open to any suggestions and ideas I came up with," Schmidt said. "We really got along really well."

The importance of supporting local businesses and community is one of many lessons he learned from Gerlach.

"If you don't support them, eventually you're not going to have them especially in a small town like this," Schmidt said.