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Parking Tag Debate at CHS

Parking Tag Debate at CHS

September 28th, 2011 by Jessica Pearson and Brooke Ziehmer CHS Reporters in News

With the start of a new school year, especially with administrative change, students tend to get in an uproar over the establishment of new rules or the enforcement of old ones.

This year, parking tags is on the minds of CHS students. They must have a parking tag on their car in order to park in the lots surrounding the high school buildings. They buy the tags during registration in August for two dollars. The money students pay for the tags go straight to the making of them, so no profit is made by the school.

"Next year we want to just give them to students, seeing that's the only way they are going to use them," said Mr. Williams, CHS Assistant Principal.

These parking tags have become quite the conversation among students and staff. Some students see that teachers and staff members do not need to have the tags. CHS senior, D.J. Watson feels that both staff and students need to have the tag. Mr. Williams also feels the same, but currently they do not have any tags for the faculty.

The main purposes of parking tags are for the protection of students and teachers and for vehicle identification. Each tag has a number that is matched with the students name and their license plate number. If there is a student that has to leave during the day for A+ or Internships, the color of their tag is red. Otherwise, their tag is blue.

Mr. Williams feels that the parking tags are helpful to the school. He is hoping to purchase hanging tags for next year that will hang in the rearview mirror. They can be easily removed for people with more than one vehicle. Mr. Williams agrees that the tags should be free and hopes to find a way to make that happen for next year.

Some students feel that they would be more willing to use the tags if they were free. D.J. Watson feels that the price will not change how he feels about the tags.

"It is always better when it's free," said Senior Philip Leach.

Mr. Williams said, "We may have to cut some money from other activities to cover these costs. The students shouldn't have to pay for the tags."