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2013 Eighteenth Annual Youth Art Show

2013 Eighteenth Annual Youth Art Show

August 14th, 2013 in News

Lower Elementary Division

Kindergarten Class - first place - Catherine Bramlett, California; second - Richard Burger, California; third - Abigail McClelland, California. Class 1-First Grade - first place - Liliana Moro-Donnell, California; second - Luke Baepler, Jamestown; third - Connor Gorman Jamestown. Class 2 -Second Grade - first place - Evan Snyder, Jamestown; second-Alayna Butts, California; third - Rachel Loganbill. Class 3 - Art From the Farm,Grades K - second - first place - Skylar Duncan, Jamestown; second -Natalie Branch, California; third - Raylin Potter, Tipton. Best of Show Lower Elementary and People's Choice - Jack Crawford, Home School, California.

Upper Elementary Division

Third Grade - first place - Luke Crawford, Home School, California; second -Shelby Hummel, California; third place - Dylan Knipfer, California Fourth Grade - first place - Cole Higgins, Jamestown; second -Landrie Hicks, California; third place - Gunner Irey Tipton. Fifth grade - first place - Kim Ricardo, Tipton; second place - Faith Cassels, Jamestown; third place - Tania Gallegos-Ortiz, California. California Class 4: Art From the Farm (Grades 3 - 5) - first place - Gavin Ichrist, Tipton; second - Jana Harrison, Tipton; third place - Luke Crawford, Home School, California. Best of Show upper elementary - Devon Wbb, Tipton; People's Choice upper elementary - Luke Crawford, Home School, California.

Middle School Division

Sixth Grade - first place -Yance Wolfrum, California; second place -Cayli Hughey, Tipton; third place - Damion Street, Jamestown. Seventh Grade - first place - Emily Strein, Jamestown; second - Halle Oliver, California; third place - Cole Pettigrew, Latham. Eighth grade - first place - Aaron Vollmer, Tipton; second - Marybeth Loganbill, Tipton; third place - Gerardo Jimenez, California. Class 4: Art from the Farm (Grades 6-8) - first place - Kiana Needy, Tipton; second - Chandra Gagnon, Tipton; third place - Cayli Hughey, Tipton. Best of Show Middle School Grades 6-8 - Heather Armstrong, Tipton; Peoples Choice (grades 6-8) Monica Whitson, California.

High School Division

Class 1: Drawing - first place - Jasmine Wells, California; second place - Taylor Werdenhausen, California; third place - Diana Gutierrez, Tipton. Class 2: Drawing, Any Medium - first place Robert Stonner, Tipton; second place - Sabrina Urbina, Tipton; third place - Diana Gutierrez, Tipton. Class 3: Painting, Any Medium - first place - Tori Payne, Tipton; second place - Destiny Dowell, Tipton; third place - Tomas Robins, California. Class 4: 3 Dimensional - first place - Blaise Stuedle, Tipton; second place - Grace Stonner, Tipton; third place - Madison Norman, Tipton. Class 5: Potter - first place - Lydia Cummings, California; second place - Erica Volkart, California; third place - Madelyn Jobe, California. Class 6: Art from the Farm (Grades 9-12) - first place - Jessica Bishop, Tipton; second place - Makaela Haggerman, Tipton; thirdy place - Makayla Morris, Tipton. Best of Show: High School - Makayla Morris, Tipton; Peoples Choice: High School - Madison Knipp, Tipton; Best of Farm: Grades K-12 - Elizabeth Gutierrez, Tipton.