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Art hall winners 4 of 4

Art hall winners 4 of 4

August 14th, 2013 in News

Art Hall 4

Moniteau County History - Sarah McCord.

Indoor decorated birdhouse - Mari Miller, California.

Outdoor birdhouse - Mari Miller, California.

Best of Show Scrapbooking - two-page, Judy Scott, California; one-page, Jeri Zimmerman.

Best of Garden - Ann Grotjan.

Best of Show Quilt - Betty Kirchoff, California.

People's Choice Quilt - Betty Kirchoff, California.

People's Choice Adult Oil Paintings - first Kathy Shoemaker, California; second Sally Vogel, California; third Dorothy Schroer, California

Plant Identification - Rhonda Heimericks, California

Twin City Garden Show - Jack and Jill - Jo An Collier $20 gift certificate; Blankenship Insurance, Farmer In The Dell - $20 gift certificate John Collier; Beauty Bar her We Go Round the Mulberry Bush $20 gc Bond Pharmacy Jo Ann Collier

Mud Pies

5 and under - Addie Dicus, first; Bryson Barlow, second.

Grades K-2 - Mari Miller, first; Brayden Schoenthal, second.

Grades 3-5 - Madison McCord, California, first; Emma Whitson, second.

Grades 6-8 - Sarah McCord, California, first; Savanah Grotjan, California, second.

Grades 9-12 - Nathan Johnson, California, first.

Household Arts

Quilt (hand quilted) - JoAnn Bestgen, first; Kathy Shoemaker, second.

Quilt (piece) - Betty Kirchoff, first; Margaret Reynolds, second.

Youth quilt - Drew Graff, first.

Quilt (appliqued) - Kathy Shoemaker, first; Margaret Reynolds, second.

Quilt (cross stitched) - Margaret Reynolds, first.

Quilt (baby) - Janice Willson, first; Eileen Wittenberger, second.

Quilt (machine quilted) - Betty Kirchoff, first; Janice Williams, second.

Quilt previously entered - Eileen Wittenberger, first; Marion Dorn, second.

Quilt (vintage) - Darryl Dutcher, California, first; Arlene Dummermuth, second.

Pillowcases (embroidered) - Judy Boyle, first; Eileen Wittenberger, second.

Any knitted article - Joyce Crook, first; Gloria Longo, second.

Afghan (crocheted) - Lou Ann Howard, Jefferson City, first; Joanne Winters, second.

Baby Afghan - Darlene Bleich, Lohman, first and second.

Dollies - Judy Scott, first; Darlene Bleich, Lohman, second.

Pot holder - Darlene Bleich, Lohman, first; Roberta Rothstein, California, second.

Any crocheted article - Joanne Winters, first; Emily Kinchens, second.

Dolls - Joanne Winters, first.

Holiday decorations - Darlene Bleich, Lohman, first and second.

Any crewel embroidery - Donn Sumler, first.

Soft pillow - Ann Grotjan, California, first; Joanne Winters, second.

Tea towel - Eileen Wittenberger, first and second.

Machine embroidery - Janice Williams, second.

Counted cross-stitch - Darlene Bleich, Lohman, first and second.

Any homemade clothing (age 18 and older) - Joanne Winters, first; Meghan Halsey, California, second.

Fine Arts and Crafts

Flip flops (ages 17 and younger) - Sara McCord, California, first; Madison McCord, California, second.

Jewelry - Terry Higgins, California, first; Jo Cox, Clarksburg, second.

Scrapbooking (two pages) - JoAnn Bestgen, first; Beth Liehmer, second; Allison Scheiders, California, second.

Scrapbooking (one page) - Jeri Zimmerman, California, first.

Decorated sweatshirt or T-shirt - Abigail Baepler, Jamestown, first.

Homemade Christmas ornament - Terry Higgins, California, first, Ann Grotjan, California, second.

Things made from recycled items - Terry Higgins, California, first; Pauline Crawford, second.

Greeting cards - Sharon Leeper, first; Anita Baker, California, second.

Duct tape creation - Mia Kinchens, first; Kyle Freiner, second.

Oil and acrylic painting (ages 17 and younger) - Savannah Grotjan, California, first.

Watercolor (ages 17 and younger) - Sonya Grotjan, California, first; Savannah Grotjan, second.

Drawing (ages 17 and younger) - Jakob Barnes, California, first; Zoe Zimmerman, California, second.

Color photograph (ages 17 and younger) - Bryson Dobson, first; Aleah Harris, Jamestown, first; Sonya Grotjan, first; Anny Thibon, first; Aleah Harris, Jamestown, two seconds; Savannah Grotjan, California, second; Anna Thibon, second.

Oil and acrylic painting (ages 18 and older) - Kathy Shoemaker, first; Dorothy Schoer, second.

Watercolor (ages 18 and older) - Terry Higgins, California, first and second.

Drawing (ages 18 and older) - Denny Dietzel, Jamestown, first.

Black and white photograph (ages 18 and older) - Kathy Shoemaker, first; Barb Runyon, first; Jeannie Lohman, second.

Color photograph (ages 18 and older) - Kathy Shoemaker, first; Gail Hughes, California, first; Sally Vogel, first; Kathy Shoemaker, second; Barb Runyon, second.

Ceramics (ages 17 and younger) - Sonya Grotjan, California, first; Abigail Baepler, Jamestown, second.

Item made of wood (ages 17 and younger) - Nathan Johnson, California, first; Kate Freiner, second.

Holiday decoration (ages 17 and younger) - Karolyn Freiner, first; Kyle Freiner, second.

Best miscellaneous craft item (ages 17 and younger ) - Savannah Grotjan, California, first; Luke Crawford, California, second.

Ceramics (ages 18 and older) - Ann Grotjan, California, first and second.

Holiday decoration (ages 18 and older) - Christie Murphy, Latham, first and second.

Best miscellaneous craft item (ages 18 and older) - Lou Howard, Jefferson City, first; Terry Higgins, California, second.

Moniteau County History Contest - Sarah McCord, California, first.

Garden Club

Indoor container - Barbara Runyon, second;

Old MacDonals - Barbara Runyon, first; JoAnn Collier, Tipton, second.

Miniature flower arrangement - JoAnn Collier, Tipton, first; Kim Rimel, California, second.

Farmer in the Dell - JoAnn Collier, Tipton, first.

Here We Go 'round the Mulberry Bush - JoAnn Collier, first.

Birdhouse Contest

Best construction outside - Kyle Freiner, second.

Best decorated inside - Abigail Baepler, Jamestown, second.