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What to do on snow days...

What to do on snow days...

March 6th, 2013 in News
Shane Sneed with the first snowman he has ever built. Sneed, a sophomore at California High School grew up in south Texas and moved to California only a few weeks ago. He really enjoys the snow. In Texas, the most snow he has ever seen is no more than an inch.

Shane Sneed with the first snowman he has...

Photo by David Wilson

With the recent decent of several inches of the fluffy white stuff and school being dismissed for several days I had the opportunity to engage several youngsters in conversation regarding snow days.

A young Rebecca, having lunch with her grandfather at McDonald's, told me she really enjoys snow days because she goes to her grandparents home while her parents work. One day she made cookies, one day she watched old movies of her dad when he was young and one day she got to go to town with her grandfather.

Reese told me he really loved not going to school because he didn't like school. He has been watching lots of cartoons and eating whatever he wanted to. He also said he enjoyed staying up late at night and really liked "No Homework."

Best friends Molly and Isabelle explained they were taking turns having sleep overs at each others house. They were watching movies and texting boys.

Judson and Dillon shared with me one of their favorite things was to shovel driveways. One day they made $30 each. They were tired but were thankful they could help people out


John and Kendall shared their favorite day, so far, was tubbing down the hill at Proctor Park. They said it took their breath away but was almost as good as a roller coaster.

First graders Logen and Hayden shared they liked not getting up early. They also said playing in the snow was really fun.

Bethany and Cole like snow days at their aunt Jenny's house. Apparently aunt Jenny allowed them to play outside, build a snowman and fed them pizza, popcorn and hot chocolate, all favorites of the youngsters.

Caleb and Campbell have enjoyed sledding and playing in the snow, from morning to night fall, since the first snow fell. They have kept their mother busy trying to keep them in dry and warm coats and gloves.

Marah shared with me she has read six books and prepared dinner for her working mother each evening. She shared it was kinda nice taking care of her mother for once, instead of her mother always having to do everything.

After speaking with several youngsters, I engaged a few teachers to hear their thoughts. One shared, "it has been good to be off school but it is time to get back to it and finish the year." A second grade teacher told me it would be like starting all over again with her students. A high school teacher stated, "I loved it, give me more!"

I hope whatever you did during your snow days you enjoyed them. Now let baseball, golf and track get started and the school year be enjoyed by one and all.