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"Missing You"

"Missing You"

August 13th, 2014 by Marian Gish in News

Marian Gish

Photo by Paula Earls

"Missing You"

I admit to stepping way out of my comfort zone with this review of

the new Harlan Coben novel titled "Missing You". The reason being

"Missing You" is the title of a favorite song of mine and the song

happens to play an important part in this book. However, Coben is

not one of my favorite authors.

Kat Donovan is a dectective on the NYPD, and eighteen years ago,

her father, also on the police force, was killed and her longtime

boyfriend suddenly walks out of her life. Kat's best friend Stacy

is concerned because Kat's whole life is work and more work, so

she gives Kat a year on the dating website,

The story begins with Kat seeing Jeff, the boyfriend from eighteen

years ago, on the dating website and sending him a video clip of

their favorite song "Missing You". But his reply isn't what she

anticipated. This is clue number one. Then she receives a visit

from a college student named Brandon who insists his mother is

missing although there is no real proof of that. In fact, every-

one who hears his story believes she has simply gone away for the

weekend with someone she met on the website

and Brandon insists that someone is Jeff. Clue number two.

Suddenly another character is introduced. His name is Titus and he

is definitely up to no good so don't skip over that chapter because

it doesn't seem relevent or is too gruesome. Clue number three is

the yellow sundress Brandon's mother, Dana, is wearing when she gets

into the limo to leave for the airport. There are many other clues,

but I'll leave those for you to find.

When Kat learns the man who confessed to killing her father is about

to die in prison, she goes to try and find out who paid for the hit.

But under the influence of drugs meant to ease his pain, he recants

his original confession and denies he had anything to do with the

killing. Kat believes him and starts to dig deeper asking questions

of everyone connected to the case, even her mother. To me this part

was the most interesting, but at first it seemed to be separate from

the other two.

So Kat is looking into the death of her father and the disappearance

of Dana while trying to reconnect with Jeff. "Missing You" is a timely

reminder of the dangers of internet preditors and idenity theft, but

although I could see the common demoninator between the plots early

on, I could not grasp how Colben meant to successfully tie them


"Missing You" is a book that demands to be discussed and would be a great

read for any book club generating such questions as: How about the way

Reynoldo was killed? And did you understand all that about how the

websites were set up? What adult (male or female) in their right mind

would go off with someone they'd never met or even spoken with over the

phone? Was it believable what happened with Bo? And what about that

song that played such a prominent role in the story? Did you find the

video on YouTube? And most importantly, did Kat and Jeff get back

together or didn't they?

Check out "Missing You" by Harlan Coben at the Moniteau County Library

and see what you think.