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Stingrays compete at first swim meet

Stingrays compete at first swim meet

June 5th, 2019 in Sports

The California Stingrays swim team had its first meet of the year June 1 in Jefferson City.

The other teams at the meet were: JCAY, Mexico Marlins, Blue Marlins, Bandits Swim, SMITH and Dolphins.

The results included: mixed 8 and under 100-yard freestyle relay, Jamieson Morrow, Amos Rohrbach, Mia Fletcher and Bralynn Porter, first place, 1:57.44; girls 8 and under 100-yard freestyle relay, Jana Lawson, Preslee Marriott, Elly Hogan, Hazel Wolford, first place, 1:30.1; mixed 9-10 100-yard freestyle relay, Natalie Wolf, Lainey Porter, Haddy Stafford, Ryder Newton, fourth place, 1:42.30; girls 9-10 100-yard freestyle relay, Lily Hogan, Emily Burger, Ella Burger, Katherine Rohrbach, first place, 1:15.47; girls 11-13 200-yard freestyle relay, Paige Morris, Addison Arnold, Addyson McGee, Madyson Harkins, second place, 2:47.35; girls 11-12 100-yard individual medley, Addyson McGee, fourth place, 1:41.16; boys 7-8 25-yard backstroke, Amos Rohrbach, fourth place, 33.05, Moses Bestgen, fifth place, 34.90, Ben Morris, sixth place, 46.24; girls 7-8 25-yard backstroke, Preslee Marriott, first place, 25.26, Hazel Wolford, fourth place, 25.80, Jana Lawson, fifth place, 28.27, Jamieson Morrow, sixth place, 29.31, Bralynn Porter, seventh place, 31.36, Ava Motler, 10th place, 34.27, Mia Fletcher, 11th place, 35.45, Leah Templeton, 12th place, 36.99, Elly Hogan, 14th place, 37.41; boys 9-10 25-yard backstroke: Brooks Nichols, sixth place, 35.67; girls 9-10 25-yard backstroke, Katherine Rohrbach, first place, 20.79, Lily Hogan, third place, 21.61, Emily Burger, fourth place, 22.51, Ellie Bestgen, ninth place, 23.58, Natalie Wolf, 13th place, 26.31, Lainey Porter, 19th place, 38.60; girls 11-12 50-yard backstroke, Madyson Harkins, eighth place, 50.56, Adelyn Kolb, ninth place, 51.79, Norah Bestgen, 11th place, 56.33, Addison Arnold, 14th place, 1:04.68;

Boys 13-14 50-yard backstroke, Peter Dampf, fifth place, 39.69; girls 13-14 50-yard backstroke, Paige Morris, third place, 41.77, Megan Arnold, eighth place, 49.00; boys 7-8 25-yard freestyle: Amos Rohrbach, fifth place, 34.74, Moses Bestgen, fifth place, 34.74, Ben Morris, seventh place, 35,27; girls 7-8 25-yard freestyle: Hazel Wolford, first place, 20.65, Jana Lawson, third place, 23.50, Preslee Marriott, fourth place, 25.07, Elly Hogan, fifth place, 26.42, Jamieson Morrow, seventh place, 29.20, Bralynn Porter, eighth place, 29.40, Mia Fletcher, ninth place, 30.10, Motley Ava, 11th place, 35.24; boys 9-10 25-yard freestyle, Brooks Nichols, seventh place, 34.55; girls 9-10 25-yard freestyle, Ella Burger, second place, 17.83, Katherine Rohrbach, fourth place, 18.39, Lily Hogan, sixth place, 18.45, Ellie Bestgen, ninth place, 20.38, Emily Burger, 10th place, 20.46, Natalie Wolf, 13th place, 22.27, Lainey Porter, 22nd place, 31.29; girls 11-12 50-yard freestyle, Addyson McGee, 11th place, 38.91, Madyson Harkins, 13th place, 41.98, Adelyn Kolb, 16th place, 48.36, Norah Bestgen, 19th place, 52.25, Addison Arnold, 21st place, 1:00.96; boys 13-14 50-yard freestyle, Peter Dampf, fourth place, 32.26; girls 13-14 50-yard freestyle, Paige Morris, second place, 32.73, Megan Arnold, eighth place, 37.93; girls 7-8 25-yard butterfly: Jana Lawson, second place, 29.45; girls 9-10 25-yard butterfly: Ella Burger, second place, 20.33, Emily Burger, fifth place, 24.25; girls 11-12 50-yard butterfly, Addison Arnold, sixth place, 1:19.43; girls 13-14 50-yard butterfly, Megan Arnold, third place, 41.82; boys 100-yard freestyle, Peter Dampf, fifth place, 1:16.45; girls 9-10 25-yard breaststroke, Katherine Rohrbach, second place, 23.04, Ella Burger, third place, 23.07, Lily Hogan, fifth place, 25.78, Ellie Bestgen, 10th place, 31.55, Lainey Porter, 11th place, 37.54; girls 11-12 50-yard breaststroke, Addyson McGee, 48.48, Norah Bestgen, eighth place, 54.49, Madyson Harkins, 10th place, 59.24, Adelyn Kolb, 11th place, 59.33, Addison Arnold, 12th place, 1:07.48; and girls 13-14 50-yard breaststroke, Paige Morris, second place, 44.97;