California Man Wins $5,000 Lottery Prize

Lucas Tiberghien of California has been driving to Rolla every day to work as a union pipefitter. He bought a Missouri Lottery Scratchers ticket while fueling up in Vienna that led to a $5,000 prize. Tiberghien, 33, said he scratched the ticket when he got to work and kept it in his pocket all day until claiming at Lottery headquarters in Jefferson City on the way home. "Excitement," said Tiberghien about the winning moment. "I kept it my pocket, hoping I didn't get in the rain too much so it didn't get all nasty. $5,000 isn't enough to leave work for." He said he called his wife, Amanda, with the good news. "I called her, and she told me I was a liar. It's gone already," admitted the father of three girls. "I'll probably just put in savings until I figure out what I want to do with it. Buy some more cows, pay off my truck, I don't know." "It'll help out," around the family farm said Tiberghien, a third generation farmer. He joked that farming was easier "than those three kids." "I don't have any advice for anybody," he said with a laugh. "One day at time is what I say." Tiberghien bought the winning ticket at Break Time, 105 N. Highway 63, in Vienna. "20X The Cash" is a $5 ticket that officially began Dec. 30, 2013. The game features a top prize of $100,000, of which, three remain. Track prizes remaining for all Missouri Lottery Scratchers tickets at