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California Nutrition Center hosts first NYE party in two years

by Kaden Quinn | January 5, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.
Guests dance to music provided by the Osage Drifters for the California Nutrition Center's New Year's Eve party. The event on Dec. 31, 2021, was the Nutrition Center's first New Year's party since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. (Democrat photo/Kaden Quinn)

The California Nutrition Center hosted their annual New Years' Eve party Friday evening -- the first in two years since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Nutrition Center Board President Dee Butts said she and her staff were very excited to see everyone return to join in the fun and celebration.

Butts said it was great to finally be back hosting their annual party once again. She said she had seen people "tickled to death" to be back at the California Nutrition Center for New Year's Eve and was happy to offer food, drinks and games for people to enjoy.

"It's wonderful (to be back) and (the guests) are thrilled," Butts said Friday. "They were just saying 'thank you' to us. We have food, we have drinks and playing cards. After a while we might even bring out the dominoes to play 'Mexican Train' and dice to play 'Farkle.'"

However, those weren't the only attractions bringing people in. Butts noted a lot of individuals visiting for the party happened to be out of town. Many of those in attendance were fans of the Osage Drifters band that had been booked for the evening. Butts said the Missouri-based group gathers fans from all around the state, and this occasion was no different.

Guests came from towns as far as Frankenstein, Marys Home and Tuscumbia to dance and enjoy the music. Butts and company said band members ranged from age 75 to 95 and had been playing together for more than 20 years. Butts said whenever the Nutrition Center hosts a dance they invite the Osage Drifters, and she was happy to report they had brought in a sizable number of people to kick off the start of the new year.

With all the attention the California Nutrition Center has received, Butts said she wanted to wish the California community well for 2022 and to thank them for their continued encouragement. She said she would like people to stay safe and to come out and support the Nutrition Center whenever possible.

"We hope that they'll come out and support the Nutrition Center," Butts said. "We have our meals daily and we have a Fun Night (for people to engage in). We have activities all the time. We just would like to come in and support us just to see what good food we have and enjoy one of the best cooks this side of the Mississippi River."

  photo  Democrat photo/Kaden Quinn Guests danced, enjoyed food and drink, and played games as they anticipated the start of 2022 Friday night at the California Nutrition Center.

Print Headline: California Nutrition Center 
hosts first NYE party in two years


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