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Latham celebrates students achieving good grades and behavior

by Shanay Lepper | January 19, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.
Honor Roll recipients at Latham: (back-row) Gatlin Fulks, Jasper Pnthieux, Kaylee Moser, Grace Higgins, Bella Fulks, Josie Bricker, Grant Pardoe, Addie Dicus, Garret Roush and Kayden Rambo. First-row: Natilee Gunnerson, Jersey Monie, Noah Meloy, Clabe Messerli, Will Dicus, Hunter Thornburg, Creed Colburn and Jorja Dicus. (Submitted photo)

LATHAM, Mo. -- Our second quarter AR and good behavior party was Friday. Students who meet their quarterly AR goal or have no late assignments nor office visits are able to attend. If they qualify for a party in each quarter and meet their AR goal at least three times, they will be able to attend our big AR field trip at the end of the year!

School board filing ended on Dec. 28. We had two filers, Matt Pardoe and Donna Higgins. Since this matches the number of vacant seats, there will be no election in April.

We honored our honor roll and principal honor roll recipients for second quarter. Each student achieving at least a 3.0 GPA in grades 3-8 were awarded a free ice cream cone coupon from Sonic! Students who are on the honor roll with a GPA 3.0-3.99 are Creed Colburn, Will Dicus, Hunter Thornburg, Jorja Dicus, Noah Meloy, Clabe Messerli, Jersey Monie, Natilee Gunnerson, Kayden Rambo, Josie Bricker, Addie Dicus, Gatlin Fulks, Isabella Fulks, Grace Higgins, Rhilynn McArthur, Jasper Ponthieux, Emma Batye, Kaylee Moser, Grandt Pardoe, and Garret Roush. Students that are on the principal honor roll with a 4.0 GPA are Rylee Higgins, Carson Pardoe, Jeimy Pedraza, Payton Higgins, Myra Haas and Ashley Bolinger.

The archery team shot at Russellville on Jan. 8. Score results are the following: Gatlin Fulks, 270; Myra Haas, 263; Ashley Bolinger, 262; Clabe Messerli, 255; Grant Pardoe, 249; Grace Higgins, 243; Addie Dicus, 243; Kayden Rambo, 236; Payton Higgins, 222; Natilee Gunnerson, 211; Jersey Monie, 210; Noah Meloy, 189; Carson Pardoe, 134; and Jorja Dicus 86.

  photo  Principal Honor Roll at Latham in the back row: Ashley Bolinger and Myra Haas. Front row: Rylee Higgins, Payton Higgins, and Carson Pardoe. (Submitted photo)
  photo  A big thank you to the Stahl family (Isabella Stahl and Becky Ricardo) for their generous donation of homemade stocking caps to Latham students! The first- and second-graders showing off their caps: Paige Roush, Ollie Fulks, Addison Sandidge, Emmett Sandidge, Tinley Meloy and Khloe Pardoe. (Submitted photo)

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