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Double-X Speedway results from June 12

June 15, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.
Submitted Tuscumbia's Dale Berry accepts the winning Super Stock feature trophy from Double-X Speedway trophy girl Ellye Messerli and Director of Competition Brad Friedmeyer both of California.

360 Winged Sprints

Feature- 1. 93-Taylor Walton, Odessa; 2. 77-Jack Wagner, Lone Jack; 3. 73-Samuel Wagner, Lone Jack; 4. 49-Tyler Elliott, California; 5. 88g-Garrett Hulsey, Lone Jack; 6. 4-Tyler Blank, California; 7. 0-Jake Griffin, Quincy IL; 8. 41-Mackenzie Borchers, Marshall; 9. 3-Russell Potter, Boonville; 10. 00-Broc Elliott, California, MO; 11. X-Ben Brown, Marshall; 12. 36jr-Camden Couch, Agency; 13. 36j-Luis Gutierrez, Agency.

Heat 1- Walton, Blank, Hulsey, S. Wagner, Borchers, Potter, Gutierrez.

Heat 2- Griffin, Brown, J. Wagner, B. Elliott, T. Elliott, Couch.

Super Stocks

Feature- 1. 05-Dale Berry, Tuscumbia; 2. 8D-Darek Wiss, Centralia; 3. 12-Jody Romig, Syracuse; 4. 19j-Tyler Crocker, Holts Summit; 5. 22-Tyler Potter, Fulton; 6. 409-Joe Miller, Centertown.

Heat- Wiss, Crocker, Berry, Romig, Potter, Miller.


Feature- 1. 55-Colson Kirk, Urbana; 2. 7B-Terry Schultz, Sedalia; 3. 74-Adam Hall, Columbia; 4. 94-Tyler Potter, Fulton; 5. 52-Jimmy Borgmann, Boonville; 6. Justin Dick, Sedalia; 7. 30-Dustin Loucas, Fulton; 8. 21 Jacob Potter, Fulton.

Heat- Schultz, Hall, Kirk, T. Potter, Dick, Borgmann, J. Potter, Loucas.

Please plan to join us Next Sunday night for the $2000 to win 360 Winged Sprint car Father's Day Special. Super Stocks and Pure Stocks will also be in competition. Be sure to follow updates on the Double-X Speedway Fan page on Facebook or at For special event or cancellation text alerts - text XX to 18882945221

photo Submitted Colson Kirk of Urbana claimed his first Double-X Speedway victory Sunday night in the B-Mod feature event. Kirk is joined by team mates and XX staff, Ellye Messerli and Brad Friedmeyer.
photo Submitted Taylor Walton, Odessa, was back in the 360 Winged Sprint victory lane Sunday night at Double-X Speedway.

Print Headline: Double-X Speedway results from June 12


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