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Scholarship Night for CHS a success

by Kaden Quinn | May 18, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.
Democrat photo/Evan Holmes California High School seniors Emma Heather and Dylan Knipker accept awards and scholarships on May 9.

The class of 2022 received more than $1 million in scholarships on May 9 during its awards ceremony at the California Performing Arts Center. California High School counselor Heather Martin said the school recognized 60 students who received at least one award or scholarship.

The total amount of funds given to students included money from local and individual scholarships as well as scholarships awarded by universities.

Martin thanked the California community for its service in assisting CHS seniors. She said locals raised $100,000 in scholarship money by participating in fundraisers, giving local organizations the ability to continue providing scholarships to students.

Martin told the Democrat it was wonderful to see so many students recognized for their achievements. She said Scholarship Night displayed students' hard work, leadership skills, character and involvement in academics, athletics and organizations.

CHS counselor Rebecca Maher said she was impressed with students' ability to balance their work between traditional school work, extracurriculars and other activities.

"It is very overwhelming for them to not only be dealing with senior-level classes and college applications and activities and work and all the stuff they're involved in," Maher said. "So the fact that they took the time to do this for themselves, I think it tells a lot about them. That they have that work ethic. I'm just proud of them for going through the process, and it paid off."

The following include scholarships, awards and recipients recognized during Monday's ceremony:

• $400 Moniteau County Historical Society -- Alyssa Roney

• $1,000 Lucy Papen (High Point) -- Kaylena Barbour

• $200 High Point Scholarship -- Trishelle Porter

• $500 Coach Labuary Scholarship -- Calen Kruger and Trevor Myers

• $500 Jeff Carter Memorial Scholarship (Tri-County) -- Ellyana Clause

• $750 CTA -- Emma Heather and Amber Perez

• $1,000 Peterman Scholarship for Musical Excellence -- Jerry Potter

• $750 Chamber of Commerce -- Colby Arnold, Ellie Clay, Emma Heather, Rylee Hees, Calen Kruger, Madison McCord, Amber Perez, Trishelle Porter, Jerry Potter and Elizabeth Turner

• $500 Alan R Irey Memorial Scholarship -- Cynthia Hernandez-Serna

• $500 Moniteau County 4-H - Emma Heather and Madison McCord

• $500 Travis Butts Memorial Scholarship -- Lilli Eichelberger

• $1,200 Moniteau County Cattlemen's Association Scholarship -- Matthew Abernathy, Ellie Clay, Owen Cliburn, Kolten Fulks, Calen Kruger, Ella Lewis, Madison McCord and Alyssa Roney

• $500 Kelly David Messerli Memorial Scholarship - Jerry Potter

• $500 Kaiser & UCC -- Kolten Fulks, Rylee Hees, Calen Kruger, Weston Peters and Drake Schlup.

• $500 Teri Michaelson Memorial Scholarship -- Madison McCord

• $2,000 MFA Foundation -- Calen Kruger

• $1000 Nelle Bailey Birdsong Memorial Scholarship -- Emma Heather and Trishelle Porter

• $1000 Higgins Asphalt Paving Co -- Mikayla Diehls

• $1000 Bright Flight -- Alyssa Roney

• $1000 Billie Lou, Stanley "Deacon," & Doug Berry Memorial Scholarship -- Bailey Lage

• $500 Opal Clark -- Emma Hees

• $1000 Hugh E. Williams Scholarship -- Colby Arnold, Lilli Eichelberger, Kolten Fulks, Emma Hees, Rylee Hees, KaLynn Irey, Dylan Knipker, Calen Kruger, Bailey Lage, Ella Lewis, Trishelle Porter, Jerry Potter and Alyssa Roney.

• $750 California Fraternal Order of Eagles #4027 Scholarship -- Ellyana Clause, Ellie Clay, Owen Cliburn, Mikayla Diehls, Emma Hees, Calen Kruger, Ella Lewis, Madison McCord, Amber Perez and Alyssa Roney

• $1,000 Cantley Trust Mathematics Award -- Lilli Eichelberger, Dylan Knipker, Calen Kruger, Alyssa Roney

• $1,000 Duretta Mueller Memorial Scholarship -- Emma Hees and Alyssa Roney

• $1,000 Randy Paul Allee Memorial Scholarship -- Jerry Potter

• $500 (for 4 years) Joshua Fletcher Memorial Scholarship -- Kolten Fulks, Calen Kruger and Jaden Trachsel

• $1,000 Hugh & Vera Hill Scholarship -- Dylan Knipker

• $500 Class of 1995 Memorial Scholarship -- Dylann Henley

• $1000 Emma Kendrick Scholarship -- Mikayla Diehls and Jerry Potter

• $500 Masonic Lodge English Scholarship -- Madison McCord

• $500 Aurora Alumni Foundation Scholarship -- Colby Arnold, Lilli Eichelberger, Emma Hees and Ella Lewis

• $250 Lawson Memorial Golf Scholarship -- Lilli Eichelberger and Enoch Dunnaway

• $1,500 George A & Brunette C Riley Scholarship -- Colby Arnold, Elly Clause, Mikayla Diehls, Lilli Eichelberger, Kolten Fulks, Emma Hees, KaLynn Irey, Calen Kruger, Ella Lewis, Madison McCord, Amber Perez, Natalie Peters, Jerry Potter, Alyssa Roney and Gerald West III.

• $250 Burger Foundation Attendance Award -- Colby Arnold, Kaylena Barbour, Kaden Bax, Seth Bax, Gage Carson, Garret Ferguson, Emma Heather, Emma Hees, Rylee Hees, Ngoze Ihenacho, KaLynn Irey, Calen Kruger, Bailey Lage, Madison McCord, Trevor Myers, Amber Perez, Natalie Peters, Trishelle Porter, Jerry Potter, Alyssa Roney, Drake Schlup, Brylie Smith, Ryan Staton, Jaden Trachsel, Timothy Tyner and Gerald West III.

• $500 Richard B & Hazel Mary Fulks Scholarship -- Dylan Knipker

• $1,000 Dr. Kevin Kohler and Mid-Missouri Mission (3MT) -- Alyssa Roney

• $1,000 Miss Rebecca Zey & Miss Lela Zey Academic Scholarship -- Trishelle Porter

• $500 Gibson Memorial Scholarship -- Jerry Potter

• $500 Knaup Memorial Scholarship -- KaLynn Irey and Alyssa Roney

• $1,000 Lewis E Short Scholarship -- Ellie Clay and Calen Kruger

• $500 California Stingrays Swim Team -- Madison McCord

• $400 Miss Moniteau County Queen Contest -- Alyssa Roney

• $1,000 Dr. Larry Fletcher Memorial Scholarship -- Emma Heather

• $1,190 SFCC Scholarship, Jim Mathewson -- Rylee Hees

• $1,052 SFCC Scholarship, W.E. Bingman -- Bailey Lage

• $1,000 SFCC, Academic Achievement Scholarship -- Elizabeth Shewmake

• $1,500 annually UCM Red and Black -- Matthew Abernathy

• $4,500 annually University of Missouri-Columbia Curators Scholarship -- Mikayla Diehls

• $26,000 annually William Woods University Honors, Volleyball and Academic Scholarships -- Ella Lewis

• $3,000 Co-MO Electric Youth Tour -- Alyssa Roney

• $3,000 University of Missouri-Columbia Excellence Award - Hunter Oliver

• $3,000 annually University of Missouri Excellence Award -- Jerry Potter

• $6,500 annually Lincoln University, Blue Tiger Advantage -- Dylan Knipker

• $2,000 annually Lincoln University, Blue Tiger Advantage -- Emma Heather

• $15,000 annually and $1,000 annuallyUniversity of Missouri-Columbia, Morris & Dolores Burger Flagship Scholarship and Ray C. McClure Foundation -- Kolten Fulks

• $3,000 annually Missouri State University, Dean's Scholarship -- Ellyana Clause

• $3,000 annually Missouri State University, Dean's Scholarship -- Owen Cliburn

• 3,000 annually Northwest Missouri State University -- Ellie Clay

• $20,000 annually Stephens College, Basketball, Academic and Scholars -- KaLynn Irey

• $15,000 annually Non-Resident Scholarship, University of Arkansas -- Lilli Eichelberger

• $15,000 annually Westminster College, Dean's and Nicholaus McDaniel Scholarship -- Tyler Patterson

• $20,500 annually Westminster College, Alumni/Sibling, Visitor Award and Winston S. Churchill Scholarship -- Trishelle Porter

• $9,000 annually Lincoln University, Academic and Football -- Trevor Myers

• $1,000 Cantley Trust FFA -- Ella Lewis

• $750 Cantley Trust FFA -- Emma Heather

• $500 Cantley Trust FFA -- Trishelle Porter

• $750 Breaking Traditions Scholarship -- Natalie Peters

• $1,500 Buddy & Nancy Bolinger Scholarship -- Ellie Clay and Kolten Fulks

• $500 Class of 1995 Scholarship -- Bailey Lage

• $1,500 Jean Kirchoff Memorial Scholarship -- Mikayla Diehls, Kolten Fulks, Calen Kruger and Jerry Potter

• $1,000 Missouri High School Baseball Coaches Association Scholarship -- Calen Kruger

• $500 Jordan Bondurant Scholarship -- Emma Hees

• $1,500 Missouri State Fair Youth in Agriculture -- Madison McCord

• $1,000 Joyce & Lee Murphy Memorial Scholarship -- Alyssa Roney

• $300 Miss Moniteau County Queen Contest -- Colby Arnold

• $2,000 Missouri Women's Golf Education Association Scholarship -- Lilli Eichelberger

• $1,000 Nancy Hartman Memorial Scholarship -- Emma Heather

• $2,000 River Region Credit Union -- Rylee Hees

• $500 RL Williams Scholarship -- Madison McCord

• $500 Robert Denker Scholarship -- Kolten Fulks and Calen Kruger

• $500 Virginia Houseman Kappa Delta Gamma Scholarship -- Emma Heather

• $500 William Blake Vogel, III Scholarship -- Dylan Knipker and Emma Heather

• $250 Young Minds Change Lives Scholarship (Red Cross) -- Alyssa Roney

• College Preparatory Studies Certificate -- Matthew Abernathy, Colby Arnold, Kaylena Barbour, Elly Clause, Ellie Clay, Owen Cliburn, Mikayla Diehls, Eli Dunnaway, Lilli Eichelberger, Emma Hees, KaLynn Irey, Dylan Knipker, Calen Kruger, Bailey Lage, Zach Luebbert, Trishelle Porter, Alyssa Roney, Elizabeth Shewmake and Dennin White

• A+ Scholarship -- Matthew Abernathy, Jose Aguado, Colby Arnold, Kaylena Barbour, Kaden Bax, Logan Bax, Seth Bax, Ryan Bleich, Gage Carson, Ellie Clay, Owen Cliburn, Mikayla Diehls, Elijah Dunnaway, Enoch Dunnaway, Garret Ferguson, William Gerhardt, Emma Heather, Emma Hees, Rylee Hees, Cynthia Hernandez-Serna, Connor Hess, KaLynn Irey, Zachary Jones, Dylan Knipker, Calen Kruger, Bailey Lage, Ella Lewis, Lacey Lucas, Zachary Lueebert, Madison McCord, Derek McCumber, Desirae Miller, Trevor Myers, Sydney Nelson, Erika Ojeda, Tyler Patterson, Amber Perez, Natalie Peters, Weston Peters, Trishelle Porter, Jerry Potter, Kaleigh President, Zoey Rimel, Alyssa Roney, Ricky Runk, Drake Schlup, Elizabeth Shewmake, Brylie Smith, Ryan Staton, Gabriel Steffen, Emma Thomas, Jaden Trachsel, Eli Trimble, Elizabeth Turner, Gerald West III and Dennin White

Print Headline: Scholarship Night for CHS a success


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