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Ambulance district directors mull over health insurance

by From staff reports | November 23, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

TIPTON -- Health insurance was the primary topic for Mid-Mo Ambulance District's November meeting.

Members discussed employee health insurance, health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) and amendments to the 2022-23 budget at the the district's Board of Directors meeting Nov. 9 at its business office in Tipton.

Ronnie Staggs, a representative of Wallstreet Group, of Jefferson City, discussed options for the district's employee health insurance renewal. Staggs said the district's current insurance plan through United Healthcare was no longer offered. According to meeting minutes, the closest plan presented by Staggs increased yearly deductibles by $500, lowered out-of-pocket expenses by $500, and lowered copays by $5 for doctor and specialist visits. The plan would consist of an 8.2 percent increase in premiums.

Staggs presented four other options through United Healthcare, which consisted of premium increases from 4.9-6.8 percent. These options also had higher copays.

Staggs presented options from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield with premium increases from 8.5-84.8 percent as well, but these plans "did not compare well to the District's current plan." The motion to accept the closest option presented by Staggs passed.

The board also discussed HRA funds. Employees presently receive $1,500 per year for reimbursement accounts. The board approved to keep the same for 2023.

Office manager and secretary for the district Brenda West discussed an error in the expenses for the 2022-23 budget. According to the minutes, the total expenses for the year were $4,297,000, instead of $4,247,000. The projected reserve funds were decreased by $50,000, to $651,656.47, to account for the change. The amended budget was passed by the board.

In other action:

• The design for ambulances was slightly changed. Unit 4 previously lacked emergency chevrons on the rear doors. The new design will be featured on future units.

• A bid from Mid MO Telecom & Security LLC, of Jefferson City, for new phones was discussed by the board. The project would add four new phones and lines. The board approved the bid.

• Cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) raises were discussed by the board. The district set its COLA at 5.5 percent with the Federal COLA setting its at 5.9 percent last year. Kempf recommended setting the COLA at 8-8.5 percent, based on an 8.7 percent increase in cost of living for the current year. The board set the COLA at 8.5 percent, with checks to be sent out Dec. 16.

There were 339 total calls district-wide in October with 207 transports. California had 90 calls with 51 transports, Tipton had 64 calls with 42 transports and Versailles had 185 calls with 114 transports.

The Mid-Mo Ambulance District Board of Directors will next meet at 7 p.m. Dec. 14 in the business office in Tipton.

Print Headline: Ambulance district directors mull over health insurance


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