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Amazon brings delivery program to local businesses

by Kaden Quinn | March 15, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

California business owners have an opportunity to create a new "side hustle" working alongside Amazon.

Representatives from the company visited the California Chamber of Commerce on March 7 to promote the "Amazon Delivery Partner Program."

Amazon Field Acquisition Manager Todd Ghys explained this is a new program specifically for rural communities. Owners have the option to launch a delivery service for Amazon packages as a side hustle for their initial business.

Ghys said more than 200 Amazon packages are delivered every day in California and the program is looking for between four and five partners to begin operating.

"Really, the only requirement for the business is that they have to have a million dollar general liability insurance. And...that's something that if they don't have it, they can get it during the actual vetting process," Ghys said. "Outside of that, as long as they are on file with the state, have that general liability insurance - that's it. They just have to be willing to deliver seven days a week, 360 days a year."

He said the service is a no contract program and there is no set-up fee or start-up costs. Ghys said the program gives small businesses the opportunity to make incremental revenue for only a few hours of work a day.

"The packages are already here, they've already been delivered by USPS or UPS. But this program...allows us to partner with a local small business that he knows the community better to get the packages out at the three days quicker," Ghys said. "They can earn anywhere from basically up to $45,000 annually by delivering 50 packages a day."

Ghys told the Democrat the program enables Amazon to join local chambers of commerce.

"We go in and join the chamber because we want to, not only take advantage of all of the the marketing and the stuff that we can get through the chamber, but it also lets us become part of that particular community. And that's really what we're looking for," Ghys said. "We don't want to join just (for people) to be like, 'Oh, Amazon joined the chamber in California. All they're doing is taking advantage of our marketing.' We want to be here and sponsor and help the community get better. And that's what this program is about."

He said although Amazon is often viewed as being anti-small business, the program encourages local sales.

"We want people to basically buy local first. If they can't, with this program buy from Amazon because you're going to be supporting a local small business who is delivering those packages for you," Ghys said. "The ability to make, again, up to $45,000 annually. Even half of that is, could be the difference between a business staying open and closing. It's just a really great opportunity for small business, to basically be able to drive some incremental revenue without having to put in really any type of additional income or anything into their business to make that happen."

Print Headline: Amazon bring delivery program to local businesses


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