Grayson commits to Rockford University Basketball

Russellville senior Cameron Grayson signs her letter of intent to play basketball for Rockford University this fall. (Democrat photo/Evan Holmes)

Russellville Lady Indians basketball senior Cameron Grayson annouced on Twitter her commitment to attend Rockford University to play basketball for the Regents in early February. She made it official when she signed her letter of intent on March 8 at Russellville High School.

Grayson began playing basketball in the third grade and played for Missouri Phenom travel team last summer. She said she developed a competitive drive for basketball at a young age, playing different kinds of games with her family.

"I'm very competitive with my family and I like to run. There's a lot of running in basketball and I think I was naturally drawn to it because I was pretty good at running," Grayson said. "I feel like every team member here at Russellville has a really tight bond with each other. The older I got, the stronger our bonds became. We were basically a family that was always tight because we didn't have a big team. So we had to get close to each other."

Grayson said her favorite memory with the Lady Indians was when she scored her 1000th career point at home in a 53-36 loss to St. Elizabeth on Dec. 13. She is also a member of Russellville Cross Country, Track & Field and National Honor Society. In November, Grayson qualified for the Class 2 Cross Country Tournament and finished 49th in the state with a time of 22:20.

Rockford University women's basketball had a difficult season this year with a 4-21 record and Grayson said they were looking for a point guard to join the team for the 2023-24 season. Grayson decided she wanted to attend Rockford University after visiting its campus. She said after her stay she knew Rockford was for her.

"I want to say that Russellville has given me a lot of life lessons that have helped me so much," Grayson said. "Whether it be in academics or sports, everyone here has helped me grow as an individual in a lot of different ways and I'm forever greatful for the memories I have here. I'll always remember Russellville and I'll use those memories to help me make new ones at Rockford."

Grayson will begin her studies and basketball career at Rockford next fall while studying in kinesiology.

photo Cameron Grayson (bottom row middle) signed to Rockford University on Wednesday afternoon with her family, friends, and teammates in attendence. (Democrat photo/Evan Holmes)