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Blank, Williams and Dimmitt claim “Sunday Night Smackdown” victories

by Kaden Quinn | May 24, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.
Submitted/ Courtesy of Carol Wirts Tyler Blank, of California, claims his first Double X 360 winged sprint feature win of the season. He is pictured with his wife, Kelsey, and son, Maverick, as well as, from left, Rob Balga, David Burlingame, Aaron Chambers, trophy girl Daphne Wehmeyer, and Director of Competition Brad Steudle.

"Sunday Night Smackdown" saw Tyler Blank claim victory in the Winged 360 Sprint Cars, Bobby Williams standing tall in B Modified Victory Lane and Waylon Dimmitt picking up the Street Stock victory. Ben Brown took the lead at the drop of the green in the Sprint Car feature event and ran the top shelf like a bandit for the first five laps of the event. On lap six a familiar-looking machine sailed by for the lead and would not be headed for the duration as Tyler Blank secured his first victory of 2023. It was by no means an uncontested victory though as Brown would make gains and get close to Blank before fading to third. Moving into the number two spot, Jack Wagner would reel in Blank but was unable to muster a pass, allowing Blank to take the checkers. Wagner was second at the stripe with Brown in third, Taylor Walton in fourth and Steven Russell completing the top five. Samuel Wagner, Broc Elliott and Rob Rimel completed the running order at the finish. Brown and Blank would win the heat races.

In the B Modified "guest class" feature event, last week's feature winner Adam Hall would lead the field to the green and take the advantage over fellow front-row starter Bobby Williams. Hall would lead with Williams hanging close and the Pittsburgh, MO driver would take the lead on lap six and go the distance to claim the victory. Hall would finish a strong second with Cody Brill finishing third, Colson Kirk fourth and Parker Smith completing the top five. Completing the second five at the line were Terry Schultz in sixth, Tyler Potter in seventh, Dalton Teel in eighth, Eric Turner in ninth and Richard Brainad in tenth. Hall and Williams claimed the heat race victories.

The Street Stock feature would see a series of interruptions, but the real show was on the track with long-time racer Joe Miller and first-time visitor Waylon Dimmitt running side by side for the majority of the event. With Miller running the cushion and Dimmitt digging on the bottom the laps clicked by. Dimmitt would take command with only a couple of laps left to secure the win. Miller would finish a string second with Zack Smith third, Adam Halley fourth and Jody Romig in fifth. Steve Beach and Smith won the heat races.

Next week is the annual "Tribute to Jesse" Jesse Hockett memorial race featuring the Winged 360 Sprint Cars running for $2000 to win. The POWRi Non-Wing Sprint Cars will be on the card along with Street Stocks and Pure Stocks. Please make plans to join us for this annual event honoring and remembering "The Rocket" #77.


Sunday, May 21, 2023:

Winged Sprint Cars

Feature - 1. 4-Tyler Blank, California; 2. 77-Jack Wagner, Lone Jack; 3. 7B-Ben Brown, Marshall; 4. 93-Taylor Walton, Odessa; 5. 1JR- Steven Russell, Russellville; 6. 73-Samuel Wagner, Lone Jack; 7. 00-Broc Elliott, California; 8. 7K-Rob Rimel, California

Heat 1- 1. Brown; 2. Walton; 3. Russell; 4. Elliott

Heat 2- 1. Blank; 2. J. Wagner; 3. S. Wagner; 4. Rimel

POWRi Super Stocks

Feature - 1. 11-Waylon Dimmitt, Camdenton; 2. 409-Joe Miller, Centertown; 3. 116-Zack Smith, California; 4. 8H-Adam Halley, New Haven; 5. 12-Jody Romig, Syracuse; 6. 19J-Tyler Crocker, Holts Summit; 7. 10-Steve Beach, Eldon; 8. 29-Harlan Dowell, Tipton; 9. 44-James Nishwonger, Osawotamie, KS; 10. 54-Gage Test, Mexico (DNS)

B Modifieds

Feature - 1. 1B-Bobby Williams, Pittsburgh; 2. 574-Adam Hall, Columbia; 3. 96-Cody Brill, Bates City; 4. 55-Colson Kirk, Urbana; 5. 12-Parker Smith, Mexico; 6. 90-Terry Schultz, Sedalia; 7. 94-Tyler Potter, Fulton; 8. 99T-Dalton Teel, Fulton; 9. 99TX-Eric Turner, Hermitage; 10. 3B-Richard Brainard,Sedalia; 11. 33-Tyler Imhoff, Boonville; 12. 2S-Joey Green, Fulton; 13. 87D-Jeff Duncan, Holden; 14. 35-Justin Dick, Sedalia; 15. 21-Jacob Potter, Fulton (DNS); 16. 5-Don Williams, Osage Beach (DNS)

Heat 1- 1. Hall; 2. Brill; 3. Teel; 4. Green; 5. Dick; 6. Brainard; 7. Duncan; 8. Imhoff

Heat 2- 1. B. Williams; 2. Kirk; 3. T Potter; 4. SMith; 5. Turner; 6. J Potter; 7. D. Williams; 8. Schultz

Print Headline: Blank, Williams and Dimmitt claim “Sunday Night Smackdown” victories


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