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Fahrni family gathers for reunion

by Kaden Quinn | September 13, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

Held on Sept. 03, 2023, at the High paint Baptist Church

Fifty-five families and friends attended, with the Roy Fahrni family hosting.

The oldest person present Amy Jones, 91 years old, Ruthie Cooling and Kellie Phillips traveled the furthest, and the youngest in attendance were Quinn Phillips and Gage Burger.

Deaths reported were Gary Nolt, Vernon Cooling and Donnie Heinrich.

Next year's reunion is to be held Sept. 1, 2024 in Iowa.


Attending from the family of Vint Scrivner: Amy Jones, Kenneth Jones and Debbie Heinrich.

Attending from the Family of Lucy Johnston: Jim Johnston, Wayne and Kathy Johnston, Mary Corpening

Attending from the Family of Beulah Nott: Ruthie Cooling, Kellie and Quinn Phillips, Brian and Lisa Smith, Lennie and Lori Smith, Hawkeye and Tricia Logan, Lauren Caramazia, Tobin Nott, Kathleen Johnson, Darrell and Sandra Nott, Jerry and Virginia Ekwall, Steve and Margaret Lorine Tullis.

Attending from the family of Roy Fahrni: Roger and Linda Porter, Pam and Beth Lewis, Jessica Maiya, Gage Burger, Michele Aholt, Glen Fahrni, Tom and Rita Harris, Tim Stephanie and Addison Harris.

Attending from the Family of Dorthea Hoback: Marylin Durk, Laura Lowe, Lanie Wilken, Jim and Irene Haback, Jerry and Deanna Hoback, Bill and Tammy Reichl, Larry and Betsy Hoback, Bob Hoback, Miranda, Donavin Steinman and Vicki Hoback.

Print Headline: Fahrni family gathers for reunion


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