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"Oh, the weather outside" is unpredictable.

While some have the luxury of working from home if the roads prove to be seasonably unruly, there are a number of entities that do not have that option.

California Police Chief John Hoover and his department know this fact well.

"We dress appropriately for outdoor conditions, which is probably no different than any other person working outside," Hoover said. "We do wear body armor and that offers an additional layer of insulation."

As the air becomes painfully brisk, that may mean the roads may get unfavorably icy. Hoover said law enforcement follows the same rules of the road, no matter the weather.

"We adjust our driving, based on outdoor and road conditions," Hoover said. "It's imperative that we arrive safely to all calls for service.

"Bottom line — we take the necessary precautions to ensure safe arrival."

There to keep up with what mother nature leaves behind is the street department.

California City Street Department Supervisor Vic Mauer and his team always are prepared for the next ice threat.

"For the past few years, it's been pretty easy for us," he said. "We just had to spread sand and salt and there wasn't anything to push."

As far as keeping up with the forms of precipitation, Mauer said, that just depends on Mother Nature.

"There could be nothing on the ground or we could have 18 inches of snow," he said. "Every year it sounds like we're about to have a bad winter, have frequent cold days and precipitation like snow or rain. Once that freezes, it can really cause problems."

As always, the take home message is to stay safe while on the road, no matter what the weather is doing.

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