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Plans for a new waterpark in California are currently in the "preliminary" stages of design.

The concept of a new waterpark was the first project Parks and Recreation Director Leslie Scheidt was brought into when she accepted the position in January.

"The indoor pool we currently have is a nice competition pool," Scheidt said. "But the numbers aren't that great, when the pool is open to the public for summer."

Scheidt said the outdoor pool area that was enclosed in 2011 had maintenance issues that would have been costly to fix.

"I think they had a leak and a lot of other issues that would have cost more to redo it than to just fill it in," Scheidt said.

Taking notice of what surrounding towns have by way of outdoor swimming facilities, Scheidt started thinking about what could be done in California.

"We just need other activities and features here," Scheidt said. "There could be slides, a zero entry pool, umbrellas and buckets that dump water for the little kids. But older kids and adults need their outdoor space, too — to tan and just lay out and relax."

A committee within the city alderman, which includes Mayor Norris Gerhart, was created in late August, early September to officially start the planning process for an outdoor waterpark.

Scheidt took a look at what the city needs in terms of waterpark features and other operational costs. To help with this process, Larkin Aquatics, Kansas City, has been meeting with Scheidt and the committee to design a waterpark. However, Larkin Aquatics does not build waterparks, they only work with contractors on design and concept development.

"It's going to be a lot of back and forth with Larkin about project operation costs," Scheidt said. "That's things like chemicals, mechanics and lifeguards. Larkin is there to help think about the logistics about the pool you're going to have."

The waterpark is projected to be just outside the California City pool. No money has yet been spent on the project. The plans are, Scheidt said, in the "preliminary stage" and there is no time table as to when the project will be completed.

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