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story.lead_photo.caption Three wooden fish swim peacefully atop a cabinet Aug. 10, 2019, at the Moniteau County Fair's Art Show in Centennial Hall. The piece was made by Bob Staton of California. Photo by Liz Morales / California Democrat.

The 24th annual Moniteau County Youth Art Show results are as follows:

Division 1 — Lower Elementary grades kindergarten through second grade: Best of show, Aleah Padilla-California; People's choice, Birkley Simon-Tipton.

Class K — Kindergarten: First place, Remmington Gier-High Point; second place, Cale Hill-Latham; third place, Rylee Higgins-Latham; fourth place, Henry Collier-California; fifth place, Emily Dicus-St. Andrew's; honorable mentions: Bradley Barlow-California, Ava Calvird-High Point and Aubrey Porter-California.

Class 1 — First grade: first place, Harper Bestgen-St. Andrew; second place, Mila Campbell-California; third place, Elijah Lee-California; fourth place, Coen Drinkard-California; fifth place, Jorja Dicus-Latham; honorable mentions: Adalena Kincaid-St. Andrew's, Myiah Murphy-California and William Milan-St. Andrew's.

Class 2 — Second grade: first place, Nick Crawford-homeschool; second place, Rowyn Scheidt-California; third place, Grady Martin-Tipton; fourth place, Aspen Crawford-California; fifth place, Dane Fisher-High Point; honorable mentions: Bentley Bower-Latham, Jordyn Knipker-California and Darla Williams-Latham.

Class 3: Art from the Farm, grades kindergarten through second — Best of Farm: Barron Hale-High Point; first place, Clair Volkart-California; second place, Chloe Kilmer-California; third place, Nicole Plaster-California; fourth place, Logan Milligan-Clarksburg; fifth place, Julissa Calderon-High Point; Honorable mentions: Kaylei Henry-Clarksburg, Alayna Cobb-Tipton and Maddie Senter-Clarksburg.

Division 2 — Upper elementary grades 3-5: Best of show, Audra Whittle-High Point; People's Choice, Hailey Nolasco-California.

Class 1 — Third grade: first place, Abraham Heimericks-California; second place, Breanna Long-St. Andrew's; third place, Sierra Jordan-California; fourth place, Emilia Clause-California; fifth place Jalynn Kiesling-California; honorable mentions: Trenton Templeton-California, Audrey Gump-St. Andrew's and Lilli Moon-California.

Class 2 — fourth grade: first place, Victor Salas-California; second place, Kyle Schlup-California, third place, Scarlet Hoellering-California; fourth place, Hunter Harris-High Point; fifth place, Jaxon Scrivner-California; honorable mentions: Grant Calvird-High Point, Gatlin Fulks-Latham and Kendall Morgan-Clarksburg.

Class 3 — fifth grade: first place, Ian Diaz-Rodriguez-California; second place, Jose Pena Rodriguez-California; third place, Eli Heisinger-California; fourth place, Bailey Bradshaw-Tipton; fifth place, Brylie Taggart-High Point; honorable mentions: Ava Schlotzhauer-St. Andrew's, Garret Roush-Latham and Zoe Artelt-California.

Class 4: Art From the Farm — Best of Farm: Dane Schlotzhauer-St. Andrew's; first place, Riley Walters-St. Andrew's; second place, Kayden Sanders-Tipton; third place, Grant Carender-High Point; fourth place, Mary Klein-Clarksburg; fifth place: Kamdyn Wright-High Point; honorable mentions: Deklon Knipp-St. Andrew's, Madison Kuttenkuler-St. Andrew's and Isaiah Wininger-High Point.

Division 3: Middle school grades 6-8 — Best of show: Grace Porter-California. People's choice: Adrienne Porter-California.

Class 1: sixth grade — first place, Tyler Oden-California; second place, Sonya Grotjan-California; third place, Lance Clevenger-California; fourth place, Lily Hampton-St. Andrew's; fifth place, Dalton Doss-St. Andrew's; honorable mention: Kendra Brandkamp-Tipton, Richard Burger-California and Chris Murphy-Latham.

Class 2: seventh grade — first place, Zoey Percival-High Point; second place, Parker Kuttenkuler-St. Andrew's; third place, Dillon Wood-California; fourth place, Sesley Potter-Tipton; fifth place, Haley Winkler-California; honorable mentions: Raylin Potter-Tipton, Megan Bumett-California and Cole Ingram-California.

Class 3 — eighth grade: first place, Zoie Moore-California; second place, Adrienne Porter-California; third place, Abby Braby-St. Andrew's; fourth grade, Illa McDonald-St. Andrew's; fifth place, Alana McDonald-St. Andrew's; honorable mentions: Alexa Barrett-Latham, Aleena Turpin-California and Billi Galliher-High Point.

Class 4 — Art from the Farm: Best of farm: Nick Barbour-Tipton; first place, Jack Crawford-homeschool; second place, Jiana Fox-St. Andrew's; third place, Angelic Linhardt-California; fourth place, Sesley Potter-Tipton; fifth place, Raylin Potter-Tipton; honorable mentions: Alyson Huff-Tipton, Lane Roth-Tipton and Logan Blankenship-High Point.

Division 4 — high school: Best of show: Emily Gray-California; People's choice: Rebekah Farmer-California.

Class 1 — Drawing: first place, Luke Crawford-homeschool; second place, Jana Harrison-Tipton; third place, Ryan Staton-California; fourth place, Angelica Lemus-California; fifth place, Mattie Carson-California; honorable mentions: Bailey Lage, Trishelle Porter and Hailey Veltrop, all of California.

Class 2 — Drawing any medium: first place, Haylee Berve-Tipton; second place, Kiley Bailey-Tipton; third place, Lilli Eichelberger-California; fourth place, Clara Garber-Tipton; fifth place, Jessica George-California; honorable mentions: Amanda Stover-Tipton, Mackenzie Swillum-California and Taylor Barnes-California.

Class 3 — painting, any medium: first place, Mackenzie Swillum-California; second place, Amy Farris-California; third place, Mikayla Keeran-Tipton; fourth place, Hailey Veltrop-California; fifth place, Christina Loganbill-Tipton; honorable mentions: Haley Amel-Tipton, Ella Carlyle-California and Angelica Lemus-California.

Class 4 — 3-Dimensional (any medium: sculpture, paper mache, etc.): first place, Grace Henley-California; second place, Maliki Christian-California; third place, Kaley Wilbers-Tipton; fourth place, Kullen Lee-Tipton; fifth place, Mami Smith-California; honorable mentions: Kakenna Uptegrove-Tipton, Clayton Winkler-California and Taylor Barnes-California.

Class 5 — Pottery: first place, Clayton Winkler; second place, Mami Smith; third place, Breanna Roberts; fourth place, Amy Farris; fifth place, Yaneli Banda; honorable mentions: Lesley Leon, Lydia Kincaid and Grace Henley. All winners in the fifth class are from California.

Best of Farm — high school: Rebekah Farmer-California.

Class 6 — Art from the Farm: first place, Christina Loganbill-Tipton; second place, Kylee Gengler-Tipton; third place, Jessica George-California; fourth place, Maylee Caudel-California; fifth place, Kylie McKay-Tipton; honorable mentions: Luke Crawford-homeschool, Jasmine Rooney-California and Chris Noland-Tipton.