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In celebration of National FFA week, Jamestown High School students will start by educating youth and the public. Advisor John Muri will work with students to have a week full of educational programs and activities.

For conservation day Feb. 19, students had a lesson from Moniteau County Conservation agent Nathaniel Hodges. The event discussed native fur bearers and snakes.

The fur bearer program informs students on local animal that bear fur and why they are important to history and the environment today.

"We're talking about small mammals that have generally been used for their fur,"Hodges said.

In mid-Missouri, some include raccoons, stripped skunks, possums and river otters. He said these animals are used to make clothing and can be found in the city, as well as rural areas.

The snake program provides details on the speckled king snake, found in local grasslands.

"The speckled king snake is a unique snake, as it's found a lot in Missouri," Hodges said.

He said the shy snake is essentially harmless to humans. It's also special, because it's immune to the venom of other Missouri snakes the Osage Copperhead and the Timber rattle snake.

"It eats rodents, so if we don't like mice and rats — this is an important snake to have around," Hodges said.

A tractor and ATV safety lesson Feb. 20 will educate youth on what the machines are used for and how to operate them safely.

"We'll have elementary come down and I'll have the high school come down and go over safety with them," Muri said.

He said the safety lessons are important for everyone to know, if they use these vehicles on their land.

Barnyard day will be Feb. 21 for FFA students to bring animals in for a lesson on taking care of them. Animals such as horses, cattle, pigs, sheep and rabbits will be in the agriculture shop. High school students will teach those who attend what the animals do on their farms and why they are important.

At the end of the week, a free community breakfast 6:30-8 a.m. Feb. 22 will celebrate the organization and supporters. Pancakes, biscuits and gravy and a selection of fruit are a few items on the menu.

At the end of the day, muddy truck or muddy vehicles will be featured on the parking lot.

Jamestown FFA activities

Feb. 19 — Conservation day

Feb. 20 —Tractor ATV safety day

Feb. 21 — Barnyard day

Feb. 22 — 6:30 a.m. FFA community breakfast

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