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It is common knowledge that autumn weather calls for the falling of leaves and other arboreal debris to land on landowner properties, which may leave residents to take matters into their own hands and burn the debris within city limits.

However, California Fire Chief Allen Smith said, there is a city ordinance in place stating this is firmly not allowed.

"One of the main reasons the ordinance is in place is the burning of leaves can cause a nuisance to neighbors," Smith said. "Smoke is going to travel and bother people, especially if it's nice out and people have their houses open."

Another reason it is not advised to burn leaves in the city limits is the danger that fires can be left unattended. Smith said embers from fires can travel and potentially burn down structures, causing imminent danger.

With this being said, there is an easy solution for California residents to rid their properties of fallen leaves.

"There's a dump site just for yard debris out on Route O," Smith said. "It's really convenient that we have it and it can help to eliminate a lot of the burning in town, which is really good."

Smith said the location, and even general presence of the dump site, may be unknown to some residents. The site rests just about three miles north of the California city limits on Route O and normally has a large pile of wood chips and other yard debris marking its location.

"Some people may say that they don't have a truck to put all of it in, so that could be an issue," Smith said.

The suggestion of tossing the debris in sturdy garbage bags, or even plastic totes, are viable options for residents if a truck is not in easy access.

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