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story.lead_photo.caption Considerable work is currently being done to revamp 601 White Street for the Hollon Family Chiropractic California office. Photo by Liz Morales / California Democrat.

A new look, and name, is nearing completion for a chiropractic office in California.

Just after Dr. Ned Hug retired from a lengthy career practicing chiropractic work, Hollon Family Chiropractic stepped in and purchased the 601 Smith Street location.

Reconstructive work began in July to replace electrical wiring, plumbing and give the office an updated style, among other enhancements.

Six years ago, Dr. Derrijk Hollon, who focuses on sports training and his wife, Dr. Hilary, opened Hollon Family Chiropractic in Jefferson City.

Dr. Hilary, who hails from Wisconsin, said her main focus is pregnancies and pediatrics, a patient population she affectionately called "kids and mamas."

"We both actually met in chiropractic school," Dr. Hilary said. "After we graduated in 2013, we visited Jefferson City and just fell in love with the people and the atmosphere, so we knew this was the right place for us."

Years later, the couple follow the same method with patients as they did in the very beginning, practice representative Deb Buschman said.

"The cost for a new patient's exam is only $20," she said. "That first appointment is just a full digital x-ray and a look at their orthopedic background. Every penny of that 20 dollars goes to a local charity."

Ever since this policy was put in place, the Hollons have donated the $20 to the Special Learning Center. Recently, the center was able to purchase a $11,000 gait trainer to assist children with physical disabilities. The Hollon's collective generosity earned them the small business of the year award in September.

Or course, this is just one small part of giving back to the community the doctor duo partake in.

"Every Thursday, Dr. Derrijk goes to the Russellville schools and does what they call 'adjustment Thursdays,'" Buschman said. "He takes his iPad and gives coaches, students and teachers who are already patients digital screenings and gives them adjustments and treatments as needed."

Invasive surgical operations and medications are far from the first avenue to wellness the Hollons wish to take, however. The first "procedure" a patient encounters is an x-ray. This is in part due to the specific style of treatment the Hollons practice.

"They're what's called Gonstead chiropractors," Buschman said. "That is the original form of chiropractic medicine that concentrates on the spine and focuses on how the body can heal itself."

Buschman said a simple adjustment can be beneficial to a wide range of anatomical functions that may seem completely unrelated to the spine.

"An adjustment can help with migraines, foot pain, earaches and even digestion," she said. "It's really amazing what the body can do all by itself, but with just a little nudge like an adjustment."

As for the new-to-them office, an ADA ramp and door are being put in to further accommodate patients. A laundry room, a spacious and comfortable waiting room and two adjustment rooms are also in the works for the office.

Patient privacy is also a key feature to the new office.

"There are three rooms here that will be a place for patients to change into their gowns," Buschman said. "On one side of the space will be a light switch. Once a patient is ready and changed, they can turn on the switch which will turn on a light to let the doctors know they are ready to be helped. Music will also be played in the adjustment rooms so patients who are waiting to be helped cannot hear what is going on in the next room over. They just want to give their patients a comfortable and private experience."

The philosophy of giving back to their community and ensuring the comfort of patients just might stem from the backgrounds of both doctors. The doctors are natives of small towns and understand the depth of connecting with community members and practicing the type of values only small towns can offer.

Keeping this in mind, Hollon Family Chiropractic decided to expand into California after noticing a bit of a pilgrimage of their patients from Jamestown, Latham, Clarksburg and other towns in and around Moniteau County. While there is no definite date the office will officially open, an office manager has already been hired for the location. There is also a plan to have Dr. Hilary visit the California office every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with hours reflecting their Jefferson City office: 8 a.m.-6 p.m So far, Dr. Hilary will be the only doctor manning the office.

While definitive plans are still in the works, the main goal of the team will always remain the same: to not only treat patients and staff like family, but to get patients to wellness and away from pain.

This article was edited at 1:34 p.m. Oct. 23, 2019, to correct the address of the chiropractic office.

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