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The Russellville High School greenhouse management class worked hard all year to prepare for its annual plant sale — maintaining the plants, designing containers and learning about plant science.

Now needing a way to hold the plant sale while maintaining social distancing, agriculture teacher Ellen Romero did some research. After seeing teachers across the country holding successful online plant sales, she set one up herself.

To browse the Russellville FFA greenhouse sale, visit

Romero said they have made enough money through the sale to fund needed greenhouse improvements and supplies for next year.

"We're able to basically get our money back into the account so that we can do this again next year and improve on the students' learning," Romero said.

Before school closed, the class learned about plant science and how to maintain flowers, vegetables and other plants in a greenhouse, yard or garden. The students maintained the plants in the greenhouse by watering, fertilizing, deadheading and debugging them.

Now the class is being held online, Romero has had to be creative in the ways students can continue to learn.

The students have created faux or real plant arrangements using items from around the house, and they did a virtual tour of the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis and discussed it via Google Classroom.

Leftover plants from the sale will be delivered to students so they can maintain them for the rest of the school year.

April 19 is the last day to order plants.

Romero and her teaching partner will deliver plants April 20-24. Payment is due upon delivery by cash or check.

The class will contact people who buy plants to confirm the day and time they will deliver and to create a plan to collect money while maintaining social distancing.

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