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California's project on Latham Road was finally completed earlier this month, after being in progress since last year.

The project replaced the storm water pipe underneath the roadway, as the original had rusted away and needed to be dug up and replaced.

"We started off with the size that (the pipe) was before and as it got to the top, it was getting smaller," street and sanitation superintendent Victor Maurer said. "We just incorporated the same pipe, a 36-inch pipe all the way through there."

New drop boxes were also put in — in the process, Maurer said street crews had to dig up a bunch of curb, which had to be replaced, as well.

The projected officially started last October, but Maurer said the weather last winter forced them to stop what they were doing at the time.

"We had snow and threats of snow, so every time you do that you have to stop what you are doing," Maurer said. "We lost time back and forth with that and then we had rain, and so you can't really work on storm water in the rain."

Maurer said while it took them a while to get it done, it was cheaper than if the city had brought in an outside contractor to perform the same task.

"We had priced it out to be done by an outside contractor but it was going to be way too expensive, so even though it took us a while to get it done at least it was done cheaper than what it would have been if we had contracted it out," Maurer said.

Maurer said all that remains is to replace some asphalt on the road.

"We've got a patch in there that we are going to replace. The water had actually eroded and taken some of the base away and the road settled. So we are going to dig up one spot in there that I know for sure and have to replace some asphalt," Maurer said. "But everything else is done."

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