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California High School seniors showed their academic excellence by earning more than $150,000 in local and college-based scholarships, which they were honored for last week.

The following students received scholarships through the college they are planning to attend.

President John R. Kirk Scholarship, Truman State University Carson Ash, $12,000

Housing Support Scholarship, Truman State University Carson Ash, $2,000

Presidential Scholarship, Missouri State University Allison Bailey, $15,000

CAFNR Scholarship, University of Missouri-Columbia Jenna Berendzen, $1,500

Elyzabeth H. Schell Scholarship, University of Missouri-Columbia Jenna Berendzen, $1,500

Red and Black Scholarship, University of Central Missouri Seth Combs, $1,500

Missouri S&T Future Alumni Scholarship, Missouri University of Science and Technology Kendra Dunham, $1,000

Joan and James Woodard Endowed Scholarship, Missouri University of Science and Technology Kendra Dunham, $3,000

Missouri S&T Honors Academy Scholarship, Missouri University of Science and Technology Kendra Dunham, $1,000

Missouri S&T Scholarship, Missouri University of Science and Technology Kendra Dunham, $1,430

Scholarship for Full Tuition, College of the Ozarks Caden Kirksey, $19,500

Provost Scholarship and Dutile Scholarship, Southwest Baptist University Kendall Kirksey, $21,000

SBU Alumni Scholarship, Kendall Kirksey Kendall Kirksey, $1,000

Dean's Scholarship and SBU Grants, Southwest Baptist University Kyle Kirksey, $20,000

Northwest Merit, Northwest Missouri State University Kendal Marsh, $1,000

Go Green Scholarship, Northwest Missouri State University Emily Niemeier, $2,500

Northwest A+ Scholarship, Northwest Missouri State University Emily Niemeier, $1,500

Northwest Merit Scholarship, Northwest Missouri State University Emily Niemeier, $1,000

Adopt-a-Bearcat Scholarship, Northwest Missouri State University -Emily Niemeier, $500

Dr. Norman and Ada Mae Clough, Northwest Missouri State University Emily Niemeier, $500

Missouri State Promise Scholarship, Missouri State University Logan Parish, $8,000

Chancellors Award, University of Missouri-Columbia Dawson Shackleford, $6,500

C.O. and Mildred Putnam Scholarship, University of Missouri-Columbia Alexa Shewmake, $8,000

William Blake Vogel III Memorial Scholarship MacKinzi Atwell and Leo Potter, $300

CHS students also earned a variety of locally-awarded scholarships and honors. These awards are as follows:

Lucy Papen (High Point) Logan Parish, $1,000

High Point Scholarship Tabitha Salchow, $250

Coach Labuary Scholarship Clayton Winkler, $500 (x1)

Jean R. Kirchoff Memorial Scholarship Hailey Cain, Hailey Schepers, Makayla Schanzmeyer, Sincere Mullins and Jenna Berendzen, $1,500 (x4)

Jeff Carter Memorial Scholarship (Tri-County) Makayla Schanzmeyer, $500

CTA Leo Potter, $1,000

Dane Threlkeld McGuire Memorial Scholarship Hailey Cain, $1,000

Peterman Scholarship for Musical Excellence, $1,000 (x1)

Chamber of Commerce Kendal Marsh, Hailey Cain, Makayla Schanzmeyer, Zoe Zimmerman, Hailey Schepers, Jenna Berendzen, Kendra Dunham, Carson Ash, Allison Bailey, Alyssa Sabartinelli, Clayton Winkler and Emily Niemeier, $500

Alan R. Irey Memorial Scholarship Amber Trachsel, $500

4-H Jenna Berendzen, $500 and Emily Niemeier, $250

Missouri State Fair Foundation Youth in Agriculture Scholarship Jenna Berendzen, $1,500

Craig Hendrickson Memorial Scholarship Carson Ash, $500

Robert H. Denker Memorial Scholarship Jenna Berendzen, Hailey Schepers, Marcus Imhoff and Jacob Bleich, $1,500

Travis Butts Memorial Scholarship Christopher Cassil, $500

Moniteau County Cattlemen's Association Scholarship Jenna Berendzen, Jacob Bleich, Hailey Cain, Emily Niemeier, Alyssa Sabartinelli and Hailey Schepers, $1,500

Kelly David Messerli Memorial Scholarship Sincere Mullins, $1,000

Kaiser & UCC Kaitlyn Adams, Christopher Cassil, Kueffer Koestner and Alyssa Sabartinelli, $500

Virginia Housman Delta Kappa Gamma MacKinzi Atwell, $500

Teri Michaelson Memorial Scholarship Alexa Shewmake, $500 (x1)

MFA Foundation Jacob Bleich, $2,000

Nelle Bailey Birdsong Memorial Scholarship Alexa Shewmake and Leo Potter, $1,000 (x2)

Higgins Asphalt Paving Co. Kendra Dunham, $500

Bright Flight Allison Bailey, Dawson Shackleford and Carson Ash, up to $3,000

Billie Lou, Stanley "Deacon" & Doug Berry Memorial Scholarship Kendall Kirksey and Jenna Berendzen, $1,000 (x2)

Opal Clark Alyssa Sabartinelli, $500

Hugh E. Williams Scholarship Amber Trachsel, Caden Kirksey, Carson Ash, Emily Niemeier, Makayla Schanzmeyer, Hailey Schepers, Hailey Cain, Allison Bailey, Jenna Berendzen and Kendra Dunham, $1,000 (x10)

Waylon Martensen Memorial Scholarship Caden Kirksey, $2,000

California Fraternal Order of Eagle #4027 Scholarship Carson Ash, $500

Cantley Trust Mathematics Award Carson Ash, Allison Bailey, Kaitlyn Adams and Kendall Kirksey, $1,000

Duretta Mueller Memorial Scholarship Carson Ash and Kendra Dunham, $1,000 (x2)

Randy Allee Memorial Scholarship Clayton Winkler, $1,000 (x1)

Joshua Fletcher Memorial Scholarship Hailey Cain and Makayla Schanzmeyer, $500 f0r four years

Hugh and Vera Hill Scholarship Emily Niemeier, $1,000 (x1)

Class of 1995 Memorial Scholarship Hailey Schepers, $500

Emma Kendrick Scholarship Hailey Schepers and Emily Niemeier, $1,000 (x2)

Missouri Fairs and Festivals Hailey Schepers, $1,500

Lewis E. Short Memorial Scholarship Jenna Berendzen and Hailey Schepers, $1,000 (x2)

National FFA Awards Jenna Berendzen, FarmAid Scholarship $3,000 and Kendra Dunham, MetLife Foundation Scholarship $2,000

Masonic Lodge English Scholarship Katie Adams, $500

Aurora Alumni Foundation Scholarship Katie Adams, Kendra Dunham, Jenna Berendzen and Hailey Schepers, $500

Lawson Memorial Golf Scholarship Kendall Kirksey and Chris Cassill, $250

George A. and Brunette C. Riley Scholarship Kendall Kirksey, Kendra Dunham, Allison Bailey, Hailey Schepers, Carson Ash, Hailey Cain, Makayla Schanzmeyer, Jenna Berendzen, Zoe Zimmerman, Brooklyn Worthey, Caden Kirksey, Lucia Embry, Kyle Kirksey, Katie Adams, Alexa Shewmake and Kendal Marsh, $1,500 (x16)

Burger Foundation Attendance Award Luis Anguiano, Carson Ash, Christopher Cassil, Kendal Marsh, Jenna Berendzen, Paige Lamm, Amber Trachsel, Hailey Schepers, Kendall Kirksey, Alexa Shewmake, Kaitlyn Adams, Allison Bailey, Kueffer Koestner, Angelica Lemus, Kyle Kirksey, Charles Turner, Braeden Birdsong, Hailey Cain, Jordan Bondurant, Makayla Schanzmeyer, Zoe Edwards, James Smith-Kauffman, Zoe Zimmerman, William Hodges, Marcus Imhoff, Darby Hudson, Brooklyn Worthey, Jacob Smith, Caden Kirksey and Harley Miller, $250

Richard B. and Hazel Mary Fulks Scholarship Kendra Dunham, $500 (x1)

Mid-Missouri Mission (3MT) MacKinzi Atwell, $1,000

Miss Rebecca Zey and Miss Lela Zey Academic Scholarship Makinzi Atwell, $1,000 (x1)

College Preparatory Studies Certificate Kaitlyn Adams, Carson Ash, Allison Bailey, Jenna Berendzen, Jacob Bleich, Hailey Cain, Kendra Dunham, Lucia Embry, Amy Farris, Caden Kirksey, Kendall Kirksey, Kyle Kirksey, Paige Lamm, Sincere Mullins, Ivan Oppermann, Logan Parish, Makayla Schanzmeyer, Hailey Schepers, Dawson Shackleford, Brooklyn Worthey and Zoe Zimmer

Missouri A + Program Kaitlyn Adams, Nathaniel Ahart, Carson Ash, MacKinzi Atwell, Allison Bailey, Jamie Barnes, Taylor Barnes, Jenna Berendzen, Braeden Birdsong, Jacob Bleich, Jordan Bondurant, Hailey Cain, Mattie Carson, Christopher Cassil, Maylee Caudel, Seth Combs, Mateesa Crowley, Nazlije Dauti, Zoe Edwards, Lucia Embry, Rebekah Farmer, Amy Farris, Miguel Garcia, Marlena Heath, Darby Hudson, Marcus Imhoff, Corrine Jacques, Kaleb Keeran, Caden Kirksey, Kendall Kirksey, Kyle Kirksey, Jayna Knipp, Kueffer Koestner, Paige Lamm, Rian Lee, Angelica Lemus, Kendal Marsh, Harley Miller, Alexis Mullen, Sincere Mullins, Emily Niemeier, Ivan Oppermann, Logan Parish, Jeffrey Peterson, Trevor Porter, Leo Potter, Alyssa Sabartnelli, Tabitha Salchow, Makayla Schanzmeyer, Hailey Schepers, Zachary Schnirch, Dawson Shackleford, Alexa Shewmake, Jacob Smith, james Smith-Kauffman, Amber Trachsel, Charles Turner, Brookelynn Waldrop, Hannah Westfall, Clayton Winkley and Brooklyn Worthey

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