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story.lead_photo.caption People stand in line Wednesday, June 24, 2020, outside the Jefferson City Licensing Office. Photo by Liv Paggiarino / California Democrat.

The Missouri Department of Revenue is starting to make changes to temporary documents such as temporary driver licenses.

Over the next 12 weeks before all offices make the changes, license offices will continue issuing the current temporary documents until their location has transitioned, according to a news release Monday from the Department of Revenue.

When someone applies for a driver license, instruction permit or nondriver identification card, they will received a temporary driver license or money receipt only document to use until their printed license, ID or permit comes in the mail. People who apply for a nondriver ID card usually receive an MRO.

New temporary documents will include the applicant's image, signature and demographics, and the documents will be printed on paper that includes a perforated section that can be torn off and folded to be close in size to an actual license or card.

New or improved security features will include state-specific design elements, chemically sensitive paper that will display "VOID" if it's copied, a barcode and ultraviolet light features.

Demographics and optional information on the new temporary documents will be the same as what's printed on the actual license or ID card, with the difference being the expiration date.

The expiration date on the temporary document will reflect the term of the temporary document, and not the expiration date of the card to be issued.

The new MRO document will display "NOT VALID FOR DRIVING" in the expiration date field.

None of the new temporary documents will be valid for REAL ID purposes — and will be marked accordingly — even if the transaction was issued for a REAL ID-compliant card.

There will not be any additional fees or costs associated with the new temporary documents.

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