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The Jamestown C-1 School Board of Education met Thursday, Sept. 10 to discuss the district's virtual learning plan as well as the progress of the new nurse's station.

To start the meeting off, superintendent Gretchen Guitard spoke to the board about the new nurse's station, which is currently under construction. She informed the board that last Tuesday, the exterior doorway was cut out between the playground and the new nurse's station, and on Thursday afternoon they cut a doorway into the interior hallway. The project is expected to be finished no later than Oct. 5. The board finished its open session by taking a tour to see the progress of the new nurse's station.

The group also spoke about plans for National Honor Society, sick and personal days for administration, senior trip refunds, did a first read of new policies and regulations and discussed funding.

The board then took a look at the district's virtual learning plan in the case of a coronavirus-related school closure. They took survey answers from parents and did their best to meet their requests.

"If we were to go into a closure, the first three days all of our students would receive their instructions digitally by eight o'clock in the morning," said Guitard. "We're not going to have scheduled Google Meets because it's very difficult for the parents to operate so quickly with a change of schedule. Beginning on the fourth day, if it's an odd calendar day, our high school students are going to have scheduled Google Meet times, and on even days the elementary has the scheduled meets. We came up with a plan that allows them to meet with their students in the morning, in the afternoon and have an optional time in the middle of the day."

Though the board hopes the district won't have to shift to virtual learning, they want to be prepared ahead of time. Looking at the virtual learning plan packet provided by the district, the school will be providing electronic device support, meaning families who request a device will receive a carrying case, charger and an electronic device. Secondary students have already been issued a device.

Jamestown also developed a schedule that administrators hope will work for students, administration and parents. Teachers will have structured office hours from 8 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. on regularly scheduled school days where students can check in. If school is closed for three days or less, assignments will be posted on Google Classroom at the beginning of each class or school day. If it is closed for four or more, Google Meets have been scheduled for even and odd calendars days, as well as having assignments posted at the beginning of each class or school day on days when teachers are not scheduled to meet with students. Music, art, P.E., and keyboarding will post assignments on Mondays at 8 a.m. in the event of a closure.

The Jamestown C-1 Board of Education's next meeting will be Thursday, Oct. 8 at 6 p.m.

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