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Artistic Image Salon has moved over to the Village Green Shopping Center where the Beauty Bar once called home.

With retirement on her mind, Beauty Bar owner Sally Vogel gave Jamie Atwell, owner of Artistic Image Salon, put in a call with hopes Atwell would take over the business as well as some of her clientele.

That's exactly what Atwell did. She, along with Martreta Battles, finally found a place they can call their second home.

"The first day we opened up, I was the only one here because it was a Monday and it just felt like home," Atwell said. "It wasn't hard. It was home."

With only a week to get things done, they were able to accomplish a lot. They've stripped the wallpaper, primed and painted everything from walls to woodwork with a fresh grey and white theme. They had new floors put in, as well as having the front counter redone.

Despite the quick progress, there are some things they're still working on. Atwell is still perfecting her station; she said she hopes to get new lighting up to brighten the area, along with a new coat rack that will give them the ability to open up floor space to bring in their reception chairs. Finally, they plan on decorating the walls and getting a window cling displaying "Artistic Image Salon."

Everyone from Beauty Bar to Artistic Image clients have voice appreciation for the new upgrades to the salon thus far, Atwell said.

"It was really weird how everything just kind of fell into place," Atwell said. "It's nicer. It's brighter. We both feel like we're in better moods."

Though the pair loved their old location because of the Darrell and Co. legacy, the memories made it hard. Atwell said the new location gives them the ability to keep those memories but move on and create something fresh and new of their own. They have taken on some of Vogel's clients, brought over some of their own, and are even hoping that maybe some of Darrell's may return since a handful left because it was too hard to step foot in what was once his shop.

"I'm so grateful that Sally asked if I would take over because we were going to have to find a place to move anyway," Atwell said. "I just felt honored that she asked me if I would take over because she said she'd been waiting for a few years now to find someone to take over so she could retire. That made me feel good. And I understand, her clients were her family. And I'm the same way. So I'm enjoying her clients now, and I hope they're enjoying me."

Once everything is finished, Atwell plans on having a grand opening. As for making an appointment, the salon can be reached by either of Beauty Bar or Artistic Image Salon's phone numbers for now, but they will be keeping the Artistic Image Salon number once everything comes together.

And in an ode to Vogel, Atwell laughed, "Hopefully, I'll be here 'til I retire."

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