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Family and friends were on hand Thursday night as California High School's class of 2021 was recognized for cumulatively earning more than $1 million in scholarships.

After calculating local and individual scholarships awarded Thursday, plus university-specific scholarships earned by the 99 members of the CHS class of 2021, students earned a total of $1,015,570 for their continuing education, not including the A+ scholarships students may receive if they plan to attend a community college or career and technical school.

CHS principal Sean Kirksey opened the evening by recognizing each important piece that helped students to achieve the feat.

"Tonight is a celebration of a remarkably generous community, an effective team of high school educators, many dedicated parents and a senior class filled with intelligent, hard-working students," Kirksey said. "We are indeed blessed to be in a community that is this generous with kids this great."

The following are the scholarship awards and recipients announced at Thursday's award night:

$250 Moniteau County Historical Society - Sydney Percival

$1,000 Lucy Papen (High Point) - Sydney Percival

$250 High Point Scholarship - Tristan Porter

$500 Coach Labuary Scholarship - Garrett Burger and Bryant Davis

$500 Jeff Carter Memorial Scholarship (Tri County) - Camryn Schlup

$1,000 CTA - Lauren Hill

$1,000 Dane Threlkeld McGuire Memorial Scholarship - Bryant Davis

$1,000 Peterman Scholarship for Musical Excellence - Garrett Burger

$500 Chamber of Commerce - Lucas Ash, Riley Bisges, Garrett Burger, Dylann Henley, Sydney Percival, Camryn Schlup and Megan VanLoo

$500 Alan R Irey Memorial Scholarship - Gwendolyn Yarnell

$500 Moniteau County 4-H - Garrett Burger

$500 Craig Hendrickson Memorial Scholarship - Garrett Burger

$500 Travis Butts Memorial Scholarship - Megan VanLoo

$1,500 Moniteau County Cattlemen's Association Scholarship - Rubi Bolinger, Garrett Burger, Bryant Davis, Dylann Henley, Lauren Spillars and Makayla Williams

$1,000 Kelly David Messerli Memorial Scholarship - Dylann Henley and Sydney Pettigrew

$500 Kaiser & UCC - Elizabeth Ash, Garrett Burger, Ross Deeken and Lauren Spillars

$500 Teri Michaelson Memorial Scholarship - Maliki Christian

$2,000 MFA Foundation - Bryant Davis

$1,000 Nelle Bailey Birdsong Memorial Scholarship - Lauren Hill

$500 Higgins Asphalt Paving Co - Bryant Davis and Sydney Pettigrew

Bright Flight (up to $3,000 awarded to students with ACT scores of 31 or higher) - Megan VanLoo and Lauren Dietzel

$1,000 Billie Lou, Stanley "Deacon," & Doug Berry Memorial Scholarship - Tristan Porter and Camryn Schlup

$500 Opal Clark - Garrett Burger

$1,000 Hugh E. Williams Scholarship - Garrett Burger, Camryn Schlup, Makayla Williams, Megan VanLoo, Lauren Hill, Kaitlyn Stauffer, Sydney Percival, Tristan Porter, Halie Swillum and Riley Bisges

$500 California Fraternal Order of Eagles #4027 Scholarship - Rubi Bolinger, Bryant Davis, Kyle Freiner, Dylann Henley, Hunter Oliver, Sydney Percival, Tristan Porter, Camryn Schlup and Megan VanLoo

$1,000 Cantley Trust Mathematics Award - Lauren Dietzel, Johnny Garcia, Camryn Schlup and Megan VanLoo

$1,000 Duretta Mueller Memorial Scholarship - Johnny Garcia and Megan VanLoo

$1,000 Randy Paul Allee Memorial Scholarship - Josue Emmanuel Isidro

$500 (for four years) Joshua Fletcher Memorial Scholarship - Johnny Garcia, Dylann Henley and Kaitlyn Stauffer

$1,000 Hugh & Vera Hill Scholarship - Garrett Burger

$500 Class of 1995 Memorial Scholarship - Dylann Henley

$1,000 Emma Kendrick Scholarship - Dylann Henley and Rubi Bolinger

$500 Masonic Lodge English Scholarship - Sydney Percival

$750 Aurora Alumni Foundation Scholarship - Johnny Garcia, Halie Swillum and Sydney Percival

$250 Lawson Memorial Golf Scholarship - Megan VanLoo and Hunter Oliver

$1,500 George A & Brunette C Riley Scholarship - Megan VanLoo, Makayla Williams, Sydney Percival, Rubi Bolinger, Lauren Spillars, Johnny Garcia, Dylann Henley, Gwendolyn Yarnell, Camryn Schlup, Halie Swillum, Hunter Oliver and Kyle Freiner

$250 Burger Foundation Attendance Award - Lucas Ash, Riley Bisges, Zachary Branch, Garrett Burger, Maliki Christian, Brady Cook, Aaron Davis, Lauren Dietzel, Jordan Eubanks, Johnny Garcia, Yael Diaz Garcia, Lauren Hill, Eric Horne, Jessica Ihenacho, William Ireland, Josue Emmanuel Isidro, Landen Lipskoch, Chance Miller, Hunter Oliver, Maura Pardoe, William Pickering, Kaitlyn Radford, Wilson Remmel, Lauren Spillars, Stephanie Stepp, Megan VanLoo, Hailey Veltrop, Connor Volkart and Jackson Warren

$500 Richard B & Hazel Mary Fulks Scholarship - Lauren Dietzel

$500 Dr. Kevin Kohler and Mid-Missouri Mission (3MT) - Bryant Davis and Makayla Williams

$1,000 Miss Rebecca Zey & Miss Lela Zey Academic Scholarship -Lauren Hill

$12,000 Hagan Scholarship - Dylann Henley and Bryant Davis

$500 Gibson Memorial Scholarship - Makayla Williams

$500 California Stingrays Swim Team - William Pickering and Megan VanLoo

$17,500 Columbia College - Tristan Porter

$15,500 Columbia College - Gwendolyn Yarnell

$22,000 Central Methodist University - Camryn Schlup

$21,000 Central Methodist University - Lauren Hill

$500 Dr. Larry Fletcher Memorial Scholarship - Lauren Hill

$19,000 Iowa Wesleyan - Cindy Bell

$13,000 Lindenwood Univeristy - Megan VanLoo

$750 Pam Jones Memorial - Makayla Williams and Kyleigh Graham

$968 Judy Zurcher SFCC Scholarship - Isaiah Thomas

$25,000 St. Louis University - Lauren Dietzel

$5,000 Truman State University - Sydney Percival

$2,500 UCM Red and Black and $500 (A+) - Maliki Christian

$4,500 UCM Red and Black and $500 A+ - Johnny Garcia

$500 University of Missouri Engineering - Makayla Williams

$200 VFW Voice of Democracy - Camryn Schlup

$9,000 William Woods University - Elizabeth Ash

$1,500 FCS Financial - Hunter Oliver

$2,000 Truman State University and $1,000 A+ - Kaitlyn Stauffer

$3,000 Co-MO Electric Youth Tour - Hunter Oliver and Camryn Schlup

$300 Co-MO CYCLE - Maura Pardoe

$3,000 University of Missouri-Columbia Excellence Award - Hunter Oliver

$1,500 University of Missouri Evan & Esther McCollester - Hunter Oliver

$2,500 Truman State University and $500 Boy's State - Bryant Davis

$17,000 Westminster College - Garrett Burger

$4,000 Columbia College and $1,500 A+ - Hailey Veltrop

$1,500 A+ Columbia College - Josue Emanuel Isidro

$2,000 Missouri State University - Kaitlyn Radford

$15,876 Kansas State University - Halie Swillum

$1,000 Engineering Kansas State University - Jakson Henry

$1,000 Cantley FFA - Hunter Oliver

$750 Cantley FFA - Sydney Percival and Megan VanLoo

$500 Cantley FFA - Camryn Schlup

$500 Sonic Continuing Education - Kyla Sweeney

$4,752 Metropolitan Community College - Lauren Spillars

$500 Knights of Columbia #9271 - Lane Schuster and Megan VanLoo

College Preparatory Studies Certificate - Elizabeth Ash, Makayla Williams, Riley Bisges, Rubi Bolinger, Jordan Eubanks, Kyle Freiner, Josue Emanuel Isidro, Kaitlyn Stauffer, Johnny Garcia, Jackson Henry, Lauren Dietzel and Halie Swillum

A+ Scholarship - Elizabeth Ash, Lucas Ash, Cindy Bell, Tucker Bieri, Riley Bisges, Rubi Bolinger, Garrett Burger, Elizabeth Calton, Dalton Carey, Maliki Christian, Jason Crow, Aaron Davis, Bryant Davis, Ross Deeken, Lauren Dietzel, Max Ernst, Jordan Eubanks, L.J. Faulkner, Kyle Freiner, Johnny Garcia, Lauren Geiser, Matthew Gilliand, Fabian Gonzalez, Dawson Gump, Dylann Henley, Landrie Hicks, Tagen Higgins, Lauren Hill, Eric Horne, William Ireland, Josue Emmanuel Isidro, Matthew Kilmer, David Leon-Ceballos, Landen Lipskoch, Caleb McCumber, Tenoria Dayana Moreno, Maura Pardoe, Sydney Percival, Sydney Pettigrew, William Pickering, Tristan Porter, Kaitlyn Radford, Litzi Romo, Jasmine Rooney, Lane Schuster, Kannon Simmons, Lauren Spillars, Kaitlyn Stauffer, Stephanie Stepp, Kyla Sweeney, Halie Swillum, Hailey Veltrop, Connor Volkart, Makayla Williams, Gwendolyn Yarnell

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