Mid-Mo board evaluates Critical Care Transport

The Mid-Mo Ambulance District Board of Directors evaluated the Critical Care Transport (CCT) service following updated information by Administrator Lee Kempf and Supervisor Jason Elliott.

The transports are increasing as hospitals are being more aware of the available service. In addition, more transports are being done straight from the Emergency Room.

Costs are being covered including a small profit. No changes in fees will be made until a full year of information is available.

Kempf and Elliott will be given more leeway as far as to which patients are to be transported in emergency situations when the insurance is in question.

The board approved changes in the Baserate and mileage charges following a presentation by Brenda West, office manager. There had been no change in the baserate since 2009 or in the mileage rate since 2008.

The changes are minor, reflecting the Medicare allowable increases. Going "slightly over the allowable," prices should not need to be changed again for a few years.

On April 1, mileage rates will increase from $7 to $7.25 per mile of transport. Baserate increases will vary according from $10 to $25 depending on the type of transport.

The treasuer's report for February was presented with a balance of funds on hand in the amount of $519,640.13. Uncollectable accounts were written off in the office in the amount of $493.84. The board reviewed and then wrote off uncollectable accounts in the amount of $14,854.14.

Run stats for January were presented: Tipton — 53 calls with 30 transports; California — 70 calls, 50 transports; Versailles — 131 calls, 91 transports; and Barnett — 13 calls, 10 transports. Total calls district-wide were 267 with 181 transports, for a transport rates on patient contact calls of 76.7 percent.

The next meeting is set for Wednesday, April 10, at 7 p.m.


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