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Tipton 12th-graders share lessons learned from FFA

Tipton 12th-graders share lessons learned from FFA

February 21st, 2018 in Local News

Allen Pace

I am the son of David and Rita Pace. I am currently enrolled in two different ag classes. They are Conservation and Structures.

One of my favorite things about my ag classes is that I get to be with my friends and do something that I love all at the same time. In Conservation this year we even got to stuff a squirrel. That has to be my favorite thing I have done in an ag class so far. In Structures we are working on lighting boards right now, and it is helping me understand how to wire a house.

I have learned so many things in ag class over the years that will help me for the rest of my life.

Austin Stores

My name is Austin Shores. I am the son of JR Shores and Shellie Salley. I am enrolled in greenhouse and ag sales. My favorite part of FFA is the opportunity that it has to offer. Plus there is a bonus with the experience with in FFA. Another thing is that the classes are pretty great. Greenhouse is really fun. What you first start the class at the beginning of the year, you learn plants and greenhouse tools. Then you get to go out to the greenhouse and do hands-on work with plants.

The ag department is a very great program here in Tipton. The younger generation should really give the classes a chance. You learn all kinds of new things like welding, wiring lights, wood working, and how to use saws correctly. With these trades you can do a lot of things in this world.

Debbie Guymon

My name is Debbie Guymon. I am the daughter of Jessica and John Guymon. I am currently a senior and I am enrolled in Animal Science. This is my fourth year being involved in FFA. The skill I have learned in the FFA program is how to how to speak in public. I was always scared of public speaking until I went to my first speech conference in the FFA organization. I am glad I went because I have developed a life skill that is very much needed in the world. Being in plant and animal science is a different type of science than biology. The classes are geared more toward business, which fascinates me. This school extracurricular activity is by far one of the best ways to meet new people and create lifelong friendships. Being a senior, I have discovered that being involved in FFA can give you lots of scholarships. I am glad I joined FFA because I have irreplaceable memories and experiences I would not find anywhere else.

Dylan Turner

My name is Dylan Turner, and I am the son of Leon and Sarah Turner. I am a senior enrolled in Ag Sales. My SAE is working at a grocery store called Dave's Country Market. Today I hope to inform you about how beneficial leadership conferences, activities and positions are in the FFA and life in general.

When you become an officer you instantly become a role model for members around you. You must not only focus on your performance, but help to improve and maintain others performance. You must show that you can guide others into leading by themselves. Leadership conferences are very beneficial and can show you how to socialize with others, meet new people and how to show people your influence. The only way to succeed is to do. Go to that meeting, study your materials, and bond with your potential leaders. Show them that it's worth the work you put into it.

I hope I have motivated you to make a change and to show people that if you want something, you can reach it through a little hard work. Take every opportunity that is given to you.

Kenton Stover

My name is Kenton Stover, and I am the son of Ken and Amy Stover. I am enrolled in Ag Greenhouse Operations, Construction, and Conservation class. I am a senior at Tipton High School and have been a member of the FFA all four years. I personally study wildlife and resource management by hunting, fishing and managing the land that I hunt. I do this by keeping the land clean and making sure all animals have a food and water source to keep them close by for hunting reasons.

During the day I leave Tipton High School at 10:30 and go work a paid internship on a cattle farm and for Moon Construction. I believe that the FFA has helped me realize the work ethic a person has is their most valuable trait for the workforce. The ag classes I have taken throughout the years has taught me what to do and what not to do, and they are valuable lessons I will always remember.

Kyle Rowles

My name is Kyle Rowles. I am the son of Tony Rowles and Cynnamon Rowles. I am currently in Mr. Morris' Greenhouse and Animal Science class. Throughout high school I have been in at least one ag class every year. Being involved in the FFA and having ag classes has better prepared me for the outside world and to have better leadership skills. Being involved in FFA could give you countless opportunities to meet new people and to get scholarships for college. Being involved in the FFA will prepare students for their future and creating a better community. FFA is far more than just farming and agriculture; it could help you get jobs in business or food safety. FFA used to stand for Future Farmers of America until it changed in 1988 to National FFA Organization because the FFA was doing far more than just creating farmers. I highly encourage anyone to give FFA or ag a try. You will have a lot of fun and will not regret being involved.

Matt Sleeper

My name is Matthew Eugene Sleeper. I am the son of Tina and Jake Williams. I am currently enrolled in greenhouse and animal science. I am in my final year of high school, and I have been in at least one ag class all four years of my high school career. Each year has taught me something different, whether that be how to ace an interview or what a baby goat is called. Many high school classes don't really prepare you for the real world. Ag classes help you become more knowledgeable in many areas, as well as help prepare you for the big future ahead of you. Aside from teaching you important life lessons, ag also has many great opportunities for young students. Being enrolled in an ag class gives you almost endless roads of opportunities. You can earn many fun exciting trips, help out your community, and get to meet lots of new friendly people. FFA has not only helped me grow as a person, but has also taught why you should care for others.

Matthew Gruender

My name is Matthew Gruender. I am the son of Bob and Nicole Gruender. I am currently a senior enrolled in Ag Construction, Crop and Animal Science, and Greenhouse Operations.

My current SAE is working for Bolinger Farms in California throughout the summer and during busier times of the school year. During the school year I work on Saturdays at their sale barn in Versailles. While working there I have learned a lot about responsibility and how to use my money and time in smart ways.

My favorite class this year has been Crop Science. In that class we have learned about the many different crops we grow in Missouri and all over the U.S. Mr. Morris has taught me a lot about the nutrient requirement of the crops that we grow all around the Tipton area as well as how to identify young weeds and crops. In that class I have also learned about the importance of harvesting and storing grain at the proper moisture and what the affects can be if it is not properly stored.

Shyla Busch

My name is Shyla Busch, and I am the daughter of Joy Busch and Steven Romine. I attend Tipton R-VI school. This year I am currently enrolled in two agricultural classes, Ag Construction and Conservation and Natural Resources. My SAE project includes me taking care of flowers and growing tomatoes in the miniature garden that we have going at my mother's house. I am currently employed at McDonald's. I have been taking ag classes since I've been in high school. I've taken at least two classes every year. Agricultural classes are something I encourage kids to take because you learn a lot about the ag world and you get to do a lot of things that involve learning and fun. Since I've been in ag classes, I've learned to name and recognize seeds, plants, animals, the smell and taste of milks, and even welding material. This year I learned how to taxidermy a squirrel, and it was so much fun. Being in an ag class has helped me learn a lot and get to experience a lot. Agricultural classes offer a lot of fun and interesting events and that you can join and have a part of.

Trevan Matthew Isaacs

My name is Trevan Matthew Isaacs. I am the son of Dan and Nan Boles. This year I am a senior in high school. I have been in the FFA since I was a freshman. This year I am taking two ag classes, Structures and Crop/Animal Science. While I've been in the FFA I have learned many things like bug identification and how to identify different breeds of cattle, sheep, and pigs. My favorite part of FFA would have to be the bug identification because I thought it was interesting to see how many different types of bug that there were. My second favorite thing that we did was the cattle identification because I learned how to identify the different types of cattle in the United States. Joining the FFA was one of the best choices I've made in my life because of all the things that I have learned from the ag classes that I have had over the past four years. Some of my favorite classes during school were the ag classes that I had.

Tristan Bolin

My name is Tristan Bolin. I am the son of Darrell and Sheila Bolin. I am a member of the Tipton FFA Chapter. I'm currently enrolled in the Ag Sales and Greenhouse at Tipton High School. My SAE project is my employment at Dave's Country Market. I will be discussing the benefits of curing hams to either be kept for yourself, and selling or presents at the county and state fair.

The biggest advantage of doing a country cured ham with your FFA chapter is the amount of work you have to do and what you get in return for it. All you have to do is work on the hams a couple of days throughout a time span of several months, and in return you either get a delicious ham, or you can sell it where most receive over $120 when you only pay approximately $25-$40 depending on your school.

If you are ever considering doing a ham and are unsure if you would want to do it, I'm telling you right now it is well worth the little bit of effort that is required to get a great return on investment.

Tara Payne

My name is Tara Payne. I am the daughter of Tracy and Barbara Payne. I am currently a senior, and I am enrolled in Ag Sales and Animal Science. My SAE project is my employment at Co-Mo Electric Cooperative as well as raising bottle calves in the spring. Other than National Convention, my favorite experience from FFA was last year at State Convention when I received a proficiency award in goat production. I was recognized on stage and was awarded with a plaque. In order to qualify for state, my application was judged at the area level and had to get first in the category in order to advance. Although I was not chosen to compete at the national level, I still enjoyed this opportunity. Hopefully this year I will be able to attend State Convention again as a competitor in the agronomy contest.