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Tipton FFA 11th-grade relate fun experiences, requirements for chapter

Tipton FFA 11th-grade relate fun experiences, requirements for chapter

February 21st, 2018 in Local News

Andrew Loganbill

My name is Drew Loganbill. I am the son of Mark and Sara Loganbill. I am currently enrolled in Ag Construction, Conservation, and Natural Resources. My SAE project consists of working for my dad at a fescue seed plant and operating my own lawn care service. FFA is one of the most eye-opening experiences a student can have.

The FFA organization consists of many different opportunities for students to learn about things in agriculture that they never would think of seeing in a regular classroom setting. For example, what class teaches you about all the different breeds of cattle? Is there a class that will show you how to tell your milk tastes funny? When would your regular teachers show you how to weld?

The answers to all those questions are found in the first ag class you can take, and from there the broad range of learning opportunities just keep growing. This leads to freshmen knowing more about agriculture than a lot of adults, which just broadens their perspective and opens them up to a world they might not have known. This is the world of agriculture.

Ashley Edwards

My name is Ashley Edwards. I am the daughter of Cody and Misty Edwards. I am currently enrolled in Animal/Crop Science and Agriculture Leadership/Ag communications. In Crop Science I learned about all different kinds of seeds and crops. Now in Animal Science I am learning about all different types of cattle, pigs and horses. In FFA the competition I do is advanced public speaking. I enjoy that the most. I learned throughout the years how to present a speech in front of people and have the perfect tone of voice, good body gestures, and good eye contact. Without my agriculture teachers, Mr. Morris and Mr. Melton, I wouldn't have gained any of these public speaking skills. Not only do I know how to give a speech, I am now more confident in giving in speeches in front of anyone and everyone.

Brooklynn Pace

My name is Brooklynn Pace. I am the daughter of Don and Tawnya Pace. I am currently enrolled in Conservation and Management/Sales. My SAE is working for Larry Carpenter at Carpenter Kennels in Clarksburg, Missouri. Being enrolled in two ag classes and having an SAE, I have learned lots of responsibility. Everyone has an SAE and is in an ag class, so everyone is learning about responsibility. We have to keep up with our record books. This means we have to keep track of all the money we spend and make off of our SAE. If you don't keep track of this information, filling out your record book can be pretty complicated. It isn't hard; you just have to keep track of the information. This will help me later on in life when I have to keep track of my money. Also, being enrolled in two ag classes, I have to make sure I know what is going on in each class. I have to keep track of the assignments and the notes. I have learned being organized will help with this too. These classes have taught me responsibility and organization. So, if you want to learn to become more organized and responsible, join FFA! There are so many more opportunities to learn responsibility. FFA is a great organization that will teach you life skills.

Caleb Myers

My name is Caleb Myers, and I am the son of Cody and Misty Edwards. I am currently enrolled in greenhouse and crop/animal science. Out of all the ag classes I have taken greenhouse is my favorite; the reason why is because it is laid-back but I still learn a lot about planting and the caretaking required to take care of certain plants. With crop science it's so much more serious, but I learn so much about crops that are grown in Missouri along with the main farm animals that are raised in our areas. Through the years in ag, things and subjects change but one thing that always stays the same is the SAEs. SAEs are important; I feel that they help teach us responsibility on how to keep track and be smart with how we spend our money. My personal SAE is working at McDonald's in California, where I am currently in training to be a crew trainer looking to be a manager during my senior year.

Cody Rains

My name is Cody Rains. I am the son of Jesse and Carrie Breshears. I am a junior at Tipton High School. My SAE project is working at Taylor Tire in California, Missouri. This year I'm currently in three ag classes. One class is ag structures, and in that class we all build a variety of small projects. The second class is ag construction, and that class is where we pick what we want to build and we pay for the materials and for the rest of the year we build it. I am currently building a bed frame. Third class is crop science/animal science. That class in the first semester we learn about plants, and the second semester we learn about animals. My two favorite ag classes are ag structures and ag construction. I really suggest for you incoming freshmen to take an ag class. You can learn a lot of hands-on training for the future. If you like welding, building, animals or flowers and decide to take an ag class, join FFA because you get to do a lot of fun things.

Derrick Hays

My name is Derrick Hays. I am the son of Jason and Melissa Hays. I am currently enrolled in Ag Construction with Mr. Melton. This class is really fun because we get to build whatever we want to. This year, I built a deer stand and am planning to build another one in the future. My SAE projects are my cows and a few acres of corn. My SAE is really important to me because it has taught me a lot about farming and all of the hard work that goes into it. The person who has shown me the most about farming is my dad. I know that if I ever have a question he will be there to help me out.

Faith Ehlers

My name is Faith Ehlers. I am the daughter of Chris and Holly Ehlers. I am currently enrolled in Ag Science 2, and this is my second year being in FFA, and I have enjoyed being in FFA. Last year I really looked forward to going to Des Moines, Iowa, for the Top 30 Trip, and I had a good experience at FFA Summer Camp at Camp Rising Sun in Osage Beach. I can't wait for the Top 30 trip and FFA Camp. At FFA Camp last summer I received my state leadership pin. To get the pin you have to complete 13 activities and attend leadership classes with the state officers and work on fun activities as a team. The top 30 trip happens during the summer, and this trip is for the most active FFA members from the Tipton FFA Chapter from the school year. My SAE consists of lifeguarding at the Tipton Community Pool and working at Hometown Café in Syracuse, Missouri. I encourage people to join the Tipton FFA chapter and be an active member in FFA.

Kaley Wilbers

I am Kaley Wilbers, and I am the daughter of Donna and Mitchell Wilbers. The ag classes that I am enrolled in are Conservation, Natural Resources, and Greenhouse. My SAE project is working with dogs and cats. The thing that I like most about FFA is the activities that we can participate in like barnwarming, the hayride and the penny wars. The reason that I like the barnwarming is because it is a night that you can go out with your friends and even meet new people. I also like the hayride because you get to ride around with all your friends and other students from the chapter. I also like the penny wars because in it you are competing against everyone.

I think that being in FFA is really fun, and with all the responsibility that comes with being in FFA comes all the fun stuff that you can participate in. I think if you are going to chose any organization you should definitely choose the FFA.

Maggie Hentges

My name is Maggie Hentges. I am the daughter of Wayne and Melissa Hentges. The classes I am currently enrolled in are Conservation/Natural Resource and Ag Management/ Sales. My SAE project is helping in my dad's egg-producing poultry barns and doing various tasks around the farm. Having these SAEs, I've learned the responsibility of having a job while you are still in high school.

I enjoy FFA because of the activities you can participate in and that it is so rewarding. The activities I liked attending the most were State FFA Camp, National Convention and Top 30 trip. They are all great experiences that I encourage students to attend at least once. My advisors have always pushed me to compete for awards because of always being actively involved in FFA. The FFA will truly shape you into a better person as a whole.

Lindsey Woodall

My name is Lindsey Woodall. I am the daughter of Shelly and John. I am currently enrolled in Agriculture Construction. My SAE project is equine sciences. I currently own two horses, both mares, a paint and an Appaloosa. I obtained these horses by buying them myself and trading off other projects.

I currently have one mare in season of foaling; she could be due anytime now. Within the next six to eight months in the process of weaning the foal, I will dedicate most of my time into getting the foal ready for its new home and doing as much as possible training wise. My paint mare works cattle occasionally and is now a retired rodeo horse. She is used every so often for trails or occasional short rides. She has been exposed to many different environments and situations, so now I plan on giving her a nice retirement home as to where she may take it easy instead of working full time. Everyone knows I am basically horse crazy, but my horses do mean everything to me and one day I plan to take bigger steps in dealing with training, rehabilitating or providing care for others' horses.

Megan Higgins

My name is Megan Higgins; I am the daughter of Shawn and Patricia Higgins. Currently I am enrolled in three ag classes this year: Construction, Structures, and Crop/Animal Science. I am a very active member in my FFA chapter. My SAE includes raising registered UKC blueticks coonhounds, raising cattle and raising rabbits. I also have a variety of other activities such as my placement position at Bobby Medlin CPA Group LLC and working for Higgins Cattle. I have had a lot of great experience through my FFA career. I have got the privilege to go on many amazing trips, one being the Top 30 trip that our chapter takes every year at the end of the school year. This was a very fun experience and I highly suggest any FFA member to strive for excellent throughout their FFA career so they can also have the fun experience that I had!

Owen Jones

My name is Owen Jones. I am the son of Shawn and Christal Jones. The ag classes I am currently enrolled in is Ag Structures and Ag Construction. Both of these classes are very hands-on, and I like that about them. You work with a lot of tools you may or may not use on a daily basis. Also in these two classes you may learn shop tools and how to safely use them. My SAE this summer is going to be five heifers, and my plan with these heifers are to breed them and sell the calves off them. The FFA is a lot of fun; you do a lot of fun actives like playing games, getting food and drinks, and you get a lot of good opportunities. It's work, but you also get a go way to hang out with a bunch of friends after a day of school or sometimes in the morning before school.

Thomas Claas

My name is Thomas Gage Claas. I am the son of Michael and Beth Claas. I am currently enrolled in Ag Construction and Ag Management/Sales. My current SAE project is raising chickens and selling their eggs. The best part about FFA without a doubt are the activities. My favorite FFA activities are the Top 30 Trip, FFA Camp, and Fruit Sorting. The top 30 trip is one of the best activities, but you have to be active. The top 30 most active members go on a trip at the end of the year to congratulate and reward them for their hard work. State FFA Camp is an amazing week during the summer that you get to obtain leadership skills from the state officers, but there is no air conditioning. Oddly enough one of my favorite FFA activities is fruit sorting. I like to sort the fruit that the chapter sold to see how active we are. FFA is the best organization you can join because if you're active you will do things that benefit you and get you out of your comfort zone.

Thomas Romano

My name is Tommy Romano, and I am the son of Michael and Fe Romano. I work at a local Drive-In called 5&50. In the three years that I've been attending Tipton High School, I believe the four ag classes that I have taken have taught me so much. I've learned so many things from taking Mr. Morris and Mr. Melton's classes. The classes I take are only a portion of the ag classes that our FFA chapter has to offer. I never thought one day that I'd have to go out at night looking for different kinds of bugs to capture. Ag 2 with Mr. Morris certainly changed that. In Ag Construction, I learned how to use many new tools and shop equipment. Construction class is honestly one of my favorite classes out of my whole schedule. I'm a city boy who's never spent much time in a barn, but to me agriculture is one of the most important businesses in the whole nation. I think everyone needs to participate in an ag class because the classes offered can open up so many opportunities for the future.