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Tipton FFA officers share experiences

Tipton FFA officers share experiences

February 21st, 2018 in Local News

Alyssa Petree

My name is Alyssa Petree, the daughter of Wade and Barbara Petree. I am currently the Tipton FFA community development vice president and enrolled in Ag Sales. My SAE project this year is working at Bobby Medlin CPA and raising cattle to sell. Last year I competed in the floriculture contest and placed as a Group I individual at state. This year I have chosen to compete in the Parliamentary Procedure contest along with five other team members. One dream of mine since freshman year was to run for an area FFA office. This year I have decided to try and achieve my goal by filling out an application and going through an interview process. Another goal I have this year is to get first at state in Parliamentary Procedure and attend the 91st Annual National FFA Convention. FFA really has had a major impact on my life because it has brought me many different opportunities such as traveling out of state, meeting new people and gaining leadership qualities throughout my chapter.

Becca Schmidt

My name is Becca Schmidt, and I am the daughter of Michael and Jennifer Schmidt. I am currently serving as our chapter parliamentarian and enrolled in our agriculture leadership class. I have been an active member of FFA for three years now. FFA has given me several new experiences and taught me many new things. This organization has formed me into a better leader because of all the opportunities that are available. I have met new people, went on many trips, and have greatly expanded my agricultural knowledge. I have received many leadership and organizational skills through being a chapter officer and going to leadership training. When it comes to contest, it takes hours of practice, but it is all worth it to see the hard work pay off. So far, I have participated in the knowledge, novice parliamentary procedure and nursery landscape contests. This year, I am going to be participating in the Parliamentary Procedure contest with my best friends and am very excited to see what we accomplish. I am a true believer that what you put into this organization is what you get out. I advise any freshmen to join FFA and get involved because it will impact the rest of your life.

Garred Oldham

My name is Garred Oldham, son of Jared and Stephanie Oldham. I am currently enrolled in dual-credit Ag Leadership and Communications. I hold the office of chapter reporter here at Tipton. My SAE project surrounds my entrepreneurship venue, my baking business, "In the Mix." Some of my favorite FFA activities include FFA Camp and Tipton FFA Top 30 Trip. One of the most influential and inspiring trips I was blessed to be part of was the 2017 Missouri Agribusiness Academy. MAbA takes the top 30 incoming agriculture students in the state of Missouri and enables them the opportunity to travel agribusinesses in one of three parts of the state: St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield. My year we toured the Kansas City agribusinesses that focused around animal and pharmaceutical research. I made lifelong friends and memories to last forever. At the end of the week, we were asked to vote for who we would like to return for the 2018 MAbA class to serve as ambassadors, one guy and one girl. I am grateful to say I was chosen by my peers to return and serve as the male ambassador for this year's St. Louis tour. FFA has given me leadership opportunities that help take me far on each new agricultural venture I attend. Without the talents and skills attained from this organization, I don't know where I would be and am thankful every day that I joined the National FFA my freshman year.

Haley Arnel

My name is Haley Arnel, and I am the daughter of Keith Arnel and Lora Dicus. Currently I am enrolled in the Ag Leadership/Communications class at Tipton High School. I am the Tipton FFA Chapter's secretary and an active committee leader. I have been an active member of the FFA for almost three years now. I have also been an officer all three years and gained an outstanding amount of knowledge and leadership skills. The FFA has helped me in more ways than one. Through FFA I have gained a lot of speaking skills. Through contest and meetings I have learned how to effectively speak and communicate with fellow members. Having the opportunity to be an officer and speak isn't the only thing I've gained from FFA. FFA has also given me many opportunities to travel. Freshman year I was able to go to Kentucky for National Convention; sophomore year I went to Iowa for Top 30 and Indiana for National Convention; and this year I hope to travel to Washington, D.C., for WLC, to Indiana for National Convention and to wherever we get to go for Top 30 again. I am so thankful for all the opportunities the FFA has offered me. I can't wait to finish out the year strong and dread the last year coming up.

Hallie Claas

My name is Halle Claas. I am the daughter of Michael and Beth Claas. I am the current chapter development vice president of the Tipton FFA chapter. My favorite thing about FFA is the opportunities. During my time here at Tipton High School I have been involved in FFA for all four years. This has brought many opportunities my way. My favorite opportunity that I grasped was going to Washington Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., this past summer. While in Washington, D.C., I felt very humbled. I got to see many, many things and it was an experience I will never forget. My favorite part about the trip was meeting students from all over the country who have a love for our nation, agriculture and the FFA. Everyone participates in agriculture in a different way, and that is something I love about it! FFA isn't just cows, plows and sows; it is leaders, farmers, advocates and people who love the good old USA! My biggest advice to the Tipton community is this: encourage your kids, grandkids, friends, etc., to get educated and involved in the FFA. There is an opportunity for everyone through agriculture.

Hayden Dillon

My name is Hayden Dillon. I am the daughter of Craig and Beth Dillon. I am a senior this year, and I am currently serving as the chapter's vice president. In the spring we start up contest season, and each year I have been on a team. Freshman year I did the Creed Speaking contest; this contest involved reciting the creed word for word, using proper motions and delivering the speech well. After giving the speech you had to answer three to five questions. Sophomore year I was on the floriculture team; it involved identifying 50 different plants, 50 different tools and a 100-question test. Junior year I was on the agronomy team, and it was by far my favorite contest; we identified 50 different crop plants, seeds, judging seed plates of soybeans and wheat, judging hay and taking a 100-question test. This year I am on the meats team, were you identify different cuts of beef, pork and lamb, judging different cuts and taking a test. Over the years these contest teams have helped me learn more and more about agriculture, and Creed Speaking enhanced my public speaking skills.

Owen Schmidt

My name is Owen Schmidt. I am the son of Brian Schmidt and Nancy Krutzsch. I am a junior and currently serving as the Tipton FFA chaplain. One thing that I really enjoy about FFA is the contests. I enjoy the feeling of having a team that has my back when it comes to competition and that also knows how to have a good time. I have been on three contest teams during my time in the FFA; these include FFA Knowledge, Entomology and Novice Parli Pro. While on these teams I have had victories and losses, but most of all I've learned about teamwork, hard work and good sportsmanship. I have also made many friends at the competitions I've been to. This year the team I am going to compete on is Parliamentary Procedure, and I plan on working hard to make it to state with my team this year!

Rachel Schmidt

My name is Rachel Schmidt, and I am the daughter of Michael and Jennifer Schmidt. I am currently enrolled in crop and animal science while serving as the 2017-18 historian. My SAE consists of placement positions at both 5&50 and Lutz's BBQ, in addition to working in my family garden in the summer. My favorite part about being in FFA is the large amount of student involvement and community support. After joining FFA, I have gained exposure to many concepts that I would have never known before. I believe that being a FFA member has enhanced my knowledge of the world and the agricultural industry, as this will prove to be beneficial to myself as I enter the next stages of my life. Even if you are not familiar with the agriculture industry, you will experience a competitive, learning environment that is like no other. Being the largest organization at Tipton High School, FFA will truly make any member feel like family. There is a significant amount of activities, meetings and leadership conferences available for personal and leadership development. I strongly encourage anyone faced with the decision of joining FFA to do so. This is an experience no student should pass up!

Samuel Huddleston

I'm Sam Huddleston, the son of Carla Moon. I am currently a senior at Tipton High School. I am enrolled in four ag classes including Construction, Ag Management/Sales, Greenhouse and Conservation. I am also the sentinel for the Tipton FFA Chapter. I currently work at Dave's Country Mart as a grocery clerk. I am writing this article to share with you my passion for the FFA and the awesome things I've got to do through being an active member and part of the officer team. Through being an active member I can qualify for the Top 30 Trip, which takes place over the summer where we get to go see some pretty cool things. As a sophomore I got to go see the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas as well as this last summer I got to go to Washington, D.C., for a huge convention and see cool things like the Declaration of Independence and the Smithsonian. If you know someone going into high school, highly encourage them to get active; it will take them places!

Shalynn Meador

My name is Shalynn Meador, and I am the daughter of Donald and Leeanna Meador. I am a high school senior and am currently serving as Tipton's FFA president. I am enrolled in both Ag Sales/Management and Ag Crop/Animal Science. My SAE includes rodeos and riding horses while working for my grandmother, and I am currently seeking employment under an auctioneer. My favorite thing about being in FFA is the possibility for competition.

Competition consists of traveling all over Missouri and competing against other FFA members in certain events such as Knowledge, Ag Mechanics or Horse Evaluation. Last year I was privileged enough to get to compete on the horse evaluation team. We won districts and competed well at state but did not advance to nationals. Overall, for our first year with a horse team, I was very proud of how we did. Another type of competition we have is based on our record books and leadership. These are called proficiency awards. Last year I won districts with my SAE and was recognized on stage at state competition. I am thankful for the opportunities and chance to grow that FFA has given me.

Sierra Stemberger

My name is Sierra Stemberger, and I am the daughter of Danny and Stephanie Stemberger. I am currently enrolled in animal science and ag leadership. This year I am serving as the chapter treasurer. Through this year as serving on the chapter officer team I've learned so many new leadership skills that will be helpful all throughout life. Being a chapter officer is a lot different from a junior officer because as a junior officer you have your chapter officer to look up to, help you out with different things, and take advice from. As a chapter officer you are the one that is responsible for teaching your junior officer to one day lead the chapter. There is more responsibility that comes along as a chapter officer such as planning different activities and trying to get more members involved. Being a chapter officer is something I will cherish throughout life and always be thankful that I got to experience to do. I've met many people I would have never met if I never took a step out of my comfort zone and decided to apply for a chapter officer. So my whole advice for younger members coming in and even sophomores becoming juniors, I highly advise you to try out for an office because you'll get to meet new people and try new things that you won't be able to anywhere else.