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CHS students presented with Academic Awards

CHS students presented with Academic Awards

April 30th, 2014 in News

There were 135 individual California High School students recognized in the presentation of 75 academic awards at a special convocation on Wednesday, April 23, in the auditorium. Some of the students were presented with multiple awards. More than 260 certificates were presented.

The award categories and the teachers presenting the awards are listed below.

Fine Arts

Michele Bilyeu 1. Top Piano 1 Student - Caleb Stahl; 2. Top Piano 2 Student - Justin Mitchell; 3. Best Attitude for Girls Choir - Rosa Fernandez.

Brad Friedrich 1. University of Central Missouri High School Art Exhibition Award - Fernando Jimenez, Taylor Werdehausen, Kelly Sommerer, Elizabeth Cardoso; 2. UCM High School Art Contest Award - Alex Davis and Taylor Werdehausen.

Linda Fulbright 1. Highest Grade Point Average - Spanish I - Morgan Carpenter, Trevor Hall. Spanish II - Sarah Bryant; 2. Most Improved - Spanish I: Nicholas Connell; Brayden Keller. Spanish II - Jarod McKee; 3. Excellence in Spanish-was enrolled in Spanish all three years and maintained an A average all of three years: Jaden Barr; Alex Davis; Morgan Henley; Preston Peters; John Wolken; Jacob Woratzeck.

Practical Arts

Mary Thomas - Star Award - Microcomputer Applications Student has maintained an "A" throughout the entire year and has demonstrated a good work ethic and has improved computer skills in all areas studied; Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access - Kelly Sommerer; Accounting I Award - This award goes to a student that diligently works to understand and apply concepts covered to the application of accounting. They are willing to ask questions and continue the try-try-again attitude until the material was mastered - Sarah Bryant; Accounting II Award - Awarded to a student that demonstrates the ability to apply accounting basics learned in accounting I to new expanded materials covered in accounting II. This student also demonstrates good work ethic, self-motivation, and leadership within the classroom - Erin VanDieren.

Jon Lindquist - Highest Grade Point Average Personal Finance - Renee Roberts and Claire Kuhlman; Highest Grade Point Average Desktop Publishing - Emily Ziehmer.

Megan Jones - Outstanding student - Sindy Medina, Mary Hentges, Eli Freeman, Shelby Williams, Brittany Furney; Best attitude - Kaylee Vanloo, Jordan Porter, Courtney Hentges, Breanna Fairchild, Marysa Spencer; Leadership - Sam Clenin, Amanda Karbinas, Madilyn Safley.

Julia Potter - DECA Deal-Highest DECA Test Score from CHS - J.T. Trachsel; Marketing Internship - Workaholic Award - Worked the most hours per Semester - Scott Porter, Logan Solomon; DECA Dedication - Attended the most DECA events - Tristan Oppermann; DECA Diamond-State DECA Qualifiers - Emily Ziehmer, Abby Strickfaden, Layma Legon, Leah Korenberg, Preston Peters, Morgan Henley, Jasmine Wells, J.T. Trachsel, Austin Gump, Shayne Ross, Conner George.

Physical Education

Julie Bailey/Bobby Sangster - Academic All-State Volleyball - Paige Halsey, Morgan Henley, Kamryn Koetting, Abby Lueckenotte, Caitlin Meyer, Adrienne Strickfaden; Body Conditioning - Ally Meisenheimer, Tyler Small; PE - Maria Orozco, Zane Safley.

3rd/4th Quarter PintoStrong Awards

Mike Hight/Mike Shipp - 3rd quarter PintoStrong Awards - Jerumin Banda, Hunter Hess, Leanna Reichl, Maria Orozco, Jacob Foxworthy, Ricky Land, Sidney Draffen, Abbie Bilyeu, Jacob Collier, Austin Kelly, Courtney Farris, Abby Strickfaden, Conner George, Cole George, Erin VanDieren, Morgan Bestgen; 9th grade - Start Pinto Strong - Taylor Jones, Trevor Hall, Cristina Garcia, Audrey Pickering; 10th grade - Stay Pinto Strong - Taylor Hampton, Mason Albertson, Alison Acton, Morgan Carpenter; 11th grade - Finish Pinto Strong - Kolten Barbour, Taylor Kuttenkuler, Paige Halsey, Madison Henry; 12th grade - Live Pinto Strong - Alexx Lewis, Ian Brauner, Hannah Clutter, Abby Lueckenotte.

Susie Fairchild - Outstanding Senior - Brittany Gurney.

Social Studies - Ashley Atteberry, Jason Gatlin, Ben Wilson

American History - Taylor Jones, Monica Whitson, Trevor Hall, Cameron Meyer; World Cultures - Katie Jane Imhoff, Jordyn Simmons, Mason Albertson, Claire Kuhlman; Criminal Justice - Morgan Henley, Anna Hentges; Dual Credit U.S. History - Caitlin Meyer, Abby Lueckenotte; Psychology - Matt Oerly, Jaden Barr; American Government - Alondra Garcia, Taylor Werdehausen; Current Issues - Jasmine Wells, Erica Volkart.


Jamie Johnston - 1. Outstanding Earth Science Students - Brayden Ash, Ashtyn Bieri; 2. Outstanding Chemistry I Students - Emily Ziehmer, Morgan Carpenter; 3. Outstanding Chemistry II Student - Caitlin Meyer. Dennis Davis - 1. Outstanding Earth Science Students - Chris Menchaca, Jerumin Banda; 2. Outstanding Biology Students - Mason Albertson, Claire Kuhlman, Lindsey Morris. Amy Kuebler - 1. Outstanding Physical Science Students - Trevor Hall, Ethan Hodges, Ellie Wirts, Cameron Meyer; 2. Outstanding Physics Student - John Wolken. Michael Baepler - 1. Outstanding Biology Students - Emily Thibon, Sarah Bryant, Savannah Jungmeyer; 2. Outstanding Advanced Biology Students - Jake Woratzeck, Preston Peters; 3. Outstanding Anatomy/Physiology Students - Abby Lueckenotte, Erin VanDieren.

The Silver Flask Award - goes to the senior who has gone above and beyond in taking course offerings and excelled in all area of science coursework - Abby Lueckenotte; Senior Science Achievement Awards - goes to students who took 4 or more science classes and averaged 90% or above - Dylan Albertson, Meleigha Caudel, Ashley Douglas, Lauren Heather, Layma Legon, Alexx Lewis, Abby Lueckenotte, Jerry Lutz, Libby Martin, Caitlin Meyer, John Wolken.

English - Kendra Logue, Christy Heimericks, Dana Barr, Angie Lehman

English Department Top Students - Students who have worked diligently throughout the entire year to maintain the highest grade percentages in their respective language arts courses. English Department Most Improved Students - Students who have striven to overcome obstacles, growing in confidence, and honing their skills in the area of language arts. Excellence in English - Seniors who have earned an A or A- in at least 7 semesters worth of language arts courses over a four year period - Luke Burger, Meleigha Caudel, Alex Davis, Beth Davis, Ashley Douglas, Lauren Heather, Abby Lueckenotte, Libby Martin, Caitlin Meyer, John Wolken, Emily Ziehmer.

Angie Lehman - Composition Top student - Abby Lueckenotte, Alex Davis; Composition Most improved student(s) - Libby Martin; Mass Media Top student - Drew Norton; Mass Media Most Improved Student - Regan Downing, Brandon Embry.

Dana Barr - Dual Credit Public Speaking - Top Students - Jaden Barr, John Wolken; Dual Credit Public Speaking Most Improved Student - Sydney Deeken; English III Top Students - Jaden Barr, Emily Thibon; English III Most Improved Student - Austin Kelly, Christy Heimericks; English II Top Student - Morgan Carpenter, Lindsey Morris; Print Media Top Student - Dylan Norton; English II Most Improved Student - Ryan White.

Ann Ashby/Kendra Logue - English I Top Student - Cameron Meyer, Trevor Hall; English I Most Improved Student - Bryce H. Miller, Elizabeth Alexander; Excellence in Theatre Award - Alex Davis; Shakespearean Scholar Award - Layma Legon; Career English Top Student - Brianna Wolverton; Career English Most Improved - Trenton Keller; Mass Media Top Student - Charli Smith

Math - Peggy Huhmann, Clarice Nelson, Kenny Goans, Debbie Dees

Senior Math Award: Academic Excellence for Achievement in Advanced Mathematics. Required: B- or above in all eight semesters of high school mathematics including Precalculus, DC College Algebra, and DC Trigonometry - Dylan Albertson, Alex Davis, Abby Lueckenotte, Jerry Lutz, Caitlin Meyer, John Wolken; Academic Team - Morgan Carpenter - Jacob Hoellering, Jarod McKee, Brittany McKenzie, Gregory Schroeter, Simon Schroeter; Math Team - 200 points are required to earn the letter, 100 points for each bar after the letter has been earned. Points are earned through attending math contests and placing in events at a math contest, attending math team meetings and participating in community service projects - Zeke Holliday-Letter, Trevor Hall-Letter, Sarah Bryant-Letter/1 Bar, Morgan Carpenter-4 Bars, Mara Caudel-Letter, Sidney Draffen-Letter, Savannah Jungmeyer-Letter, Jarod McKee-Letter, Jacob Collier-1 Bar, Brian Douglas-Letter, Madelyn Jobe-3 Bars, Alex Davis-3 Bars, Abby Lueckenotte-3 Bars, John Wolken-3 Bars. Mike Shipp - Perfect Attendance From 8/15/14 to 4/11/14 - Mason Drury, Dustin Ferguson, Alondra Garcia, Grant Hoftstetter, Fernando Jimenez, Claire Kuhlman, Samuel Leighton, Chris Menchaca, Tomas Robins, Logan Solomon, Caleb Stahl, Taylor Vines, Erica Volkart, Jeramey Werdehausen, Lauren Ziehmer.

2014 Principal's Awards

Senior - Dylan Albertson, Beth Davis; Junior - Allan Burger, Madelyn Jobe; Sophomore - Lauren Ziehmer, Clyde Knipp; Freshman - Emma Bailey, Dylan Silvey.